What’s changed in between those 47 days to make it her time? Ani May 19, at 1: Meanwhile, Min-ho drinks with his driver friend Jin-young, bitter at his impending demise. Because of your bright personality and your connection to others while you were with me, I was able to adjust well. Does this mean that Kang and Yi-kyung are destined to be together instead? But definitely I can see that they are “able” to love again and that itself is mighty reassuring I mean, she grew as a character A LOT while she was in her spirit form and so I dont believe that her “Im dying” way of thinking is baseless or has a stupid reasoning. I always kill it for myself by reading the recaps first

Management company of Lee Yo Won has denied that she will participate in “49 days”: I cant believe that 49 days is ending I’ve already cried buckets today after watching ep Noh LOL I found this funny. Well said, totally agree. This drama is ending too fast for me. She looks up and imagines Ji Hyun crouched facing her, chatting away in her usual cheery way. Some parts were a bit too boring for me and I actually spent quite a lot of time fast forwarding certain scenes because I just wanted to find out what would happen next.

He kisses her, then turns and walks away, holding back his own tears. God, this ending was definitely nowhere near perfect in my opinion.

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I just have to say: It was good, but not something I would watch again because some parts were too dragging. Listing is per page. Min May 19, at 9: With the exception of the Yi Kyung- sister bit, which clumsy and unnecessary, I appreciated the ending.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. It would have been better if the drama just ended in ep 18 with Ji Hyun opening her eyes or even ep 19 with Ji Hyun saying “I’m going to die again”. I am pretty sure this drama was advertised as a “romantic drama” instead of a romantic comedy.


But if MH ends up getting the girl, why couldn’t Kang-ah get someone, or show that he was able to move on 5 years later? Is it really going to be Ji Hyun that scheduler will have to take to elevator as his last job?

Min Ho goes to visit his mom at the hospital, thinking to himself that all he wanted was to succeed so that he can take his mom away from here.

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MJP May 19, at Like during the time he was at the concert in Episode 2. Thank you for the great recap! Who is the female lead? First things first — this episode saw the definitive ending between Yi Soo and Yi Kyung. I cried for them too because they remind me so much of my parents and what they’ve been through.

Secret Garden was ok… until the 18th episode. So does Min-ho, only now showing true regret as he cries. Korean dramas in first half of Even Min Ho was seen atoning for his sins in prison. Isn’t it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

Writer-nim draacrazy conveying the sometimes forgotten truth, that we are whole by ourselves, and that we do not need a romantic mate to truly live.

Thanks JB for the recap But because of my 49 days, I was able to receive love from someone like Kang-ie.

He pulls out the ring and puts it on her dramacrazyy, and he pulls out the matching ring and puts it on his finger. I’m really guted that this is ending so soon and it looks like the ending maybe nigh for everyone.


This writer is amazing. I dont like this ending makes me angry and upsetbut it seems probable Rina May 20, at 7: I had caught the comment JH’s mom had made, but I hadn’t caught any of the rest, especially the ox bone soup. I also agree that this drama is giving so many life lessons that one should remember while living.

Syreolli May 19, at 5: It was time for both of them to move on — her to keep living, him to get another chance at life. YiSoo is dead so there is no way his body can just miraculously comeback. That’s a pretty fluffy ending to a story that has been fairly macabre. She takes it and looks up at him, smiling in gratitude. That’s my version of the ending and I’m sticking to it!

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Look at it this way, ladies Bae Su-bin as Kang Draamcrazy Ho: May 20, at He draws back and looks at her one last time.

Oh, I love that. She thanks the manager and leaves. Lee Yo Won in the drama will play, a woman fell into a coma in a car accident Played by Nam Gyu Rishe will play the woman who’s body entered by the coma woman.

dramacrazyy Thanks for the fast recap! Something to look out for in To fullfill her mission she will be guided by the Scheduler into possessing the body of another woman, Song Yi Kyung. A lot of people are talking about how this is disappointing but let’s all remember that this isn’t a show about romance.