We can always use help adding characters we missed! Story Story Writer Forum Community. We have all kinds of interesting and fascinating trivia from this year to share with you. They are gifted with abilities beyond what normal humans feel. There are few examples of this in pop culture period. What does he mean by it? She comes from a lower middle-class family.

I thought she came back here because her life of danger is over! When Eren joined the Survey Corps, the most dangerous division of the military, she joined too in order to protect them. Anime and Manga Interviews. Canaan gritted her teeth, unsure if she should allow her rival to come. The entire anime has badass anime women, including the titular protagonist Canaan. Bulma also does a great job balancing her highly stressful career with her family life. Our series view count resets each month as to give you a rolling idea what is currently popular. Creating More Welcoming Anime Communities We all love anime, but sometimes it can be hard to keep up in the fandom.

She expected Alphard not to make the fight easy.

Alphard “Canaan” Alshaya

Since that day, Mikasa has been withdrawn and very serious. She turned out pretty well for someone who once tried gathering all seven dragon balls to wish for a boyfriend! Let us know which episode to find quotes in. However, things get ugly when a Nebulous Evil Organization targets Maria. I couldn’t see him but I can see the light from his cigar.

It rang their eyes for a while, it got their attention. Extremely Cool Student Council President 51 letters and the series with the shortest title is Saki 4 letters. And Yunyun is at Maria’s location as we speak. She grew up in the Jaeger household and her most valued possession is her friendship with Eren and Armin Arlert.


How long ever since I was taken to this room of darkness where the only thing I can hear are voices of suffering people.

Her bear of a husband Sig might seem like the powerhouse, but Izumi is full of surprises. His voice was stern and serious.

It wasn’t assuring enough that it’s all part of Alphard’s schemes or not, Canaan only sent her death glares and finally calmed down. What is my role in all this? The series with the most characters is Fairy Tail characters and the series with the fewest is Umineko no Naku koro Ni The Animation 1 characters.

She couldn’t complain any longer and 11 huffed and left. OVA Episode 2 3. Anime and Manga Interviews. Canaan doesn’t owe anyone. Alphrad makes them the perfect assassin. Your review has been posted. Maria was taken by someone else. The door opens and at last there was light.

alhsaya Maria would still be here! Now that is badass. Canaan didn’t wait for any explanation, she knew one thing and that’s to force Alphard to talk or kill or now.

Creating More Welcoming Anime Communities We all love anime, but sometimes it can be hard to keep up in the fandom. Despite having seen the Truth and gaining the rare ability to transmute without a circle, Wlshaya never lets that power define her. I received a text, gave me instructions where to find this phone with Maria’s voice in it.

To get back at me?! Fuusasareta Shibuya dewhich the scenario, not the whole game was created by Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi of Type Moon fame at which point many tropers rush off to leech it from the Internet, no further questions asked.

I never should’ve trusted you! Alphard was waiting behind the table, her dagger in her only hand was ready to strike the moment Canaan removes eoisode obstacle out of the way.


It’s our only lead on Maria so far. Advanced apologies for alshqya OOC’s.

RayIX Reviews: Canaan

Bulma is, without a doubt, a criminally underrated character. Welcome to the war. I know she’s into dangerous things and dangerous people but. I want to at least protect Canaan in a way I can. She was thinking that probably it was Mino who lost his mind and not her.

OVA Episode 1 2.

Alphard Alshaya (Canaan) –

When Eren joined the Survey Corps, the most dangerous division of the military, she joined too in order to protect them. Everyone deserves a Haruhi in their lives.

aplhard For some reason, Alphard was convinced to come with Canaan. Did your favorite badass anime woman make it onto this list? Or should I say, she owes me and I want her to pay up. It was the promised land. Known as the “Snakes”, they are led by Canaan’s arch – rival Alphard and are somehow involved with the “Ua Virus”—the biological weapon that left Maria the only known survivor of the deadly Shibuya terrorist attack.

What can be alhaya. What was that place again? So in no alphar order, here are our five favorite badass anime women. We value your privacy. Then it told me to play it to you, Canaan. Mikasa is a certified BAMF. Being Human through Inhumanity. Izumi Curtis is a badass.