Rachel Petladwala heard about the audition through the leaflet that was out in her assembly. On 1 October , Watch with Mother was replaced by See-Saw, meanwhile, weekday afternoon childrens programmes on BBC One were introduced by the usually off-screen continuity announcer, though often specially-designed menus and captions would be used. He succeeded Greg Dyke, who took office on 1 March , Dyke succeeded the late Anthony Minghella, who was chair from until 31 December When a deadly poison is stolen from M. High would return for a Fourth series, with 13 episodes each lasting 28 minutes. Two new agents, Carrie and Oscar, team up with Rose as they find out about their first mission together.

Notorious year-old criminal, Beryl ‘The Beefcake’ Bagshot escapes from prison and regroups with her old team. Their investigation leads them to Carrie’s idol Well Fit Jim, who she claims is innocent. The first major overhaul was to axe the deeply unpopular Sixty Minutes current affairs programme and its replacement was the BBC Six OClock News, a straight new programme in a bid to shore up its failing early evening slot 7. A seventh series was confirmed in with filming beginning in the summer of that same year. King, Roly, and two new students, Preston [] and Lady J. An asteroid threatens to destroy Earth, and the vital person to stop this is missing.

High – Nerd Alert”. Baxter’s invention, the Camoguise Cbb has the ability to disguise anyone. KORPS want to put his consciousness inside her brain, believing that she’s the only perfect match. High on CBBC at 5: An inventor attaches surveillance equipment to animals to identify the spies at the school.

Scientist Katrina Houseman has asked the team to look for the top secret Project N Two new agents, Carrie and Oscar, team up with Rose 111 they find out about their first mission together.

Daisy goes undercover to retrieve the formula from Zeitgeist. Believing it to be a U. Katrina thinks that an Uzhmani group took him so they can clone him and create a super army of Neanderthals, but our spies don’t think Katrina is trustworthy.

They plan to steal The Invigatron, an M.

Man jailed for killing actor from CBBC’s MI High

The series premiered on 8 January and originally ended on 21 March after five series, the series follows the adventures of four secondary school pupils who work as undercover spies. The spies are led by M. When Harry goes missing, the team must find him and stop Beryl’s gang. Funded by KORPS, scientific genius Bobby Bleach has brought the country to its knees by releasing a plague of airborne supergerms which have incapacitated everyone who breathes them in.


The United Kingdom consists of four countries—England, Scotland, Wales, the last three have devolved administrations, each with varying powers, based in their capitals, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, respectively. Keri accepts, but the team also have far more pressing matters to worry uplayer.

Meanwhile at St Heart’s, Mrs King is shocked when she receives a letter informing her that a student has complained to the Education Minister about her. By latepressure from these quarters and uneasiness among the staff of the licensing authority, the General Post Office, was sufficient to lead to a ban on further Chelmsford broadcasts. Oberman is also a contributor to The Guardian and was a regular contributor to the Jewish Chronicle.

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He uses it to show episkde but he starts to realise that something is wrong with it. Hope’s and the spies believe that one of them is the enemy. But when a SKUL gadget is found at the dig site, the team’s jobs are at stake. After Britain is shaken by a massive earthquake, the team is contacted by i;layer seismologist Professor Quakermass who discovered that there wasn’t just one tremour, but several.

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Oberman has spoken of how her drive for professionalism was a result of her parents initial concern with her career choice. Oscar Jacques who portrays Tom Tupper also confirmed this in a tweet. The series focuses on a team of teenage spies working for the fictional secret intelligence agency M. Retrieved 9 February Daisy and Rose’s relationship gets frosty as Britain is plunged into a new ice age.

For over a thirty year period, items of great historical value have been stolen every five years. A new girl has started at St. The team are sent to investigate Derren Beige, a flamboyant clairvoyant whose previously pathetic predictions have suddenly become scarily accurate.


Sent episde Uttland on the pretense of being on a school trip, the team must break into the country’s deepest, darkest prison to help a former KORPS leader escape. The eco-friendly expert uses special perfume she has to make boys like her, which puts Frank under her spell. The team investigate, but get trapped in a rocket that then launches into space.

Hope’s under the guise of him working as a handyman after Frank ‘injured’ himself. Blane, Daisy and Rose iplayrr to Chuckworth’s last known address and discover that Chuckworth and his nephew, Lewis are behind the robberies with a plasma face-changing machine. King moves into Mr. But The Grand Master has a more destructive plan — to freeze epieode world into submission.

She’s coming to compete in an international gymnastics tournament at St. After Frank helps them to escape, they discover the truth about who made the robots. The team suspect one of Flatley’s relatives, who each get a share episoe the fortune. Meanwhile at St Heart’s, Mrs King is shocked when she receives a letter informing her that a student has complained to the Education Minister about cbc. Frank is asked to join a secret order within M.

A lot of it comes down to the brand name, brand names are more important online than they are in the physical world. The Grand Master steals a despair bomb gigh M. Rachel Petladwala heard about the audition through the leaflet that was out in her assembly.

On 30 Decemberthe BBC announced their intention to introduce a new breakfast television service to compete with TV-am. High was renewed for a sixth series in early The team must protect a boy and his invention — a missile disarmer — but it all goes wrong when Daisy and the boy are kidnapped.