One even suggests he talk to Hebba to advise her to tone down her rhetoric and choose nice, safe topics instead of ones that challenge the system. It just recently launched in December of , and in this short period of time already signed three impressively talented artists. Do you still work out as regularly during Ramadan? We all came to a point where we needed to get things fixed at home, but after considering the hassle we have to go through to get that done, we start to panic. At the same time, the husband really wants a promotion. Some bathrooms, of course, are cleaner than others. Reem El Adl After getting into the field of costume design for a few years she decided to…. Egyptian female artists have been underappreciated and suppressed in the past, but when they came out they did so with a roar!

Mariam is one of the first, if not only Egyptian, Makeup Artist to work solely with cruelty free products. Fancy tents or qahwet el fishawy? We sit over a few cups of coffee to have a little…. Yet it all comes down to how grateful — and proud — we are of their existence. A personal tragedy brings a woman closer to a handful of trusted friends in this independent drama. Allow us to take a moment to give attention to the bright, talented men in this country. We joined Ignite on a weekend getaway to Luxor, the perfect excuse to leave the city and the perfect opportunity to get fit.

Suffice to say, however, that it’s a film that demands you have some Kleenex nearby.


Here are 6 mini workouts you can squeeze into your day at the office. Now, writing a script is not easy, let alone shagrazad to do it before you turn In addition, her husband is a very influential executive and together they have a life that seems ideal. Each one of them is unique in her own way.

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Egyptian movie deals with the issue of corruption in Egypt and the Egyptian police excesses, embodies all of this in the character of the police officer, “Hatem”. The sex scenes are also guilty of the crime of being unrealistic. Whenever people hear about vegetarians, they think they must be super healthy and happy.

History proves that there are many iconic Muslim super women with extraordinary stories of power, strength and wisdom. You can thank us later! Envy is something that has been woven in Egyptian culture for generations. Abo Zeid is a simple man, working shabrazad a porter in a Heliopolis building. Karim as Hassan El Raddad. Here are some simple Yoga poses to get those creative juices flowing again!

To veil or to unveil, this is a dilemma many girls face nowadays. Hebba is the hostess of much appreciated TV programs about female victims, e.

The end of Ramadan is near, that comes with some thoughts and concerns that we all share. Ramadan starts, shahrazar get really busy and before you know it the month is over and you feel like you haven’t done any charity work or helped out those in need. From feminine and lady-like to dark and quirky, they do it all!


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Walking in the street we see a group of dogs running out, wagging their tails, and we know we must be in the right place! First, explain to us what are cruelty free products?

Here are 6 clever things you can…. The key here is to be fashion-forward and unique, while staying comfortable. Being in a wheelchair should not stop you from doing yoga; it has many health benefits for mind and body that we should all be able to profit from. Dubai is well known for its hot yq, especially in summertime.

Everyone loves Queen Rania of Jordan! Ahmed Fadlallah Ahmed Fouad Selim Over-priced Kheyam Kheyam have become increasingly popular and so have their prices. It is not just about having a…. Cawt Trips to the Toilet When you feel like your child is ready, start taking them…. Basically, everything health-related is bound to be expensive, especially here in Egypt.

Gharimat are women who are imprisoned because of…. Photography by Remon El Markiz Model: This is because one of the biggest myths about tampons is that it takes your virginity.