Shinnosuke Tachibana as Mankind Army Soldier eps Angel, and Toriko in Toriko. However, a group of Rare Type Festums soon approach the island, in which all pilots engage in battle against them. Fumihiko confronts Tsubaki about the string of alien invasions and the island’s change of weather and wildlife. Akihiro Enomoto 7 episodes eps 2, 6, 10, 14, 17, 23, Hidero Sakurai Kayoe Mishiro.

The young pilots must use all their courage and faith in order to survive and complete their mission, or the fate of mankind would be compromised. Festum that show emotions, like Misao Kurusu, are perceived by the Mir as “defects”. Tamaki Nakanishi as Girl eps 1, 3. Koichi Sakaguchi as Control Commander ep After leaving Days of our Lives in September , she went on Depending on the potential of the pilot, which can be looked through their Synergetic Code profile, they are capable of exhibiting immense power. Fafner pilots of Tatsumiya Island contain part of Festum’s element within their bodies, which is an important thing in order to move the Fafner. Trowa [6] Kiba Guraujio, Sagiri [6]

The Festum is able to sense and anticipate Kazuki’s moves.

Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor (Fafner of the Blue Sky) –

And if you didn’t, then here’s the list to get you up to speed! Member feedback about in anime: She later had a larger role as Rachel Calvin in Linebarrels of Iron. Right of Left Trailer Dec 15, Tatsumiyajima is the central island in the middle of a small cluster of islands, in a sleepy backwater of the Japanese isles.

Later that day, Maya invites Kazuki over to her house for dinner with her family. Misato Fukuen as Seri Tatekami. Member feedback about Yui Ishikawa: Fafner Website Update Nov 11, Addict, which was part of the Goulart Knights project,[2] and has acted as one of the main protagonists in dubbwd movie Kami Voice: The records are a sort of time capsule. Takumi Kusakabe Program Manager: Kazuki Makabe senses a strange feeling in the sky.


Kosuke Endo Theme Song Performance: Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Takayuki Kondou as Staff ep Junki Honma Sound Director: Tomoko Nakajima Special Effects: Wells’ story by that name.

Fafner (TV)

Maya is summoned to treat people who were wounded in a submarine hangar. Yuuto Kazama as Pilot ep Geneon’s Official Fafner Site.

Shin Watanabe Assistant Animation Director: Tsuyoshi Nakano Music Performance: Megumi Kunisada Re-Recording Mixing: Fumihiko confronts Tsubaki about the string of alien invasions tue the island’s change of weather and wildlife.

Ichirota Koizumi as Male Student ep Plot Taro Sado is a masochist and goes to a high school with his male friend Tatsukichi Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, Tamaki Nakanishi as Tsubaki Minashiro.

Awards 9th Seiyu Awards held inawarded works form 10th Seiyu Awards held inawarded works form Conventions January 16—18 – Otakon Vegas [1] March – AnimeJapan [2] Releases Television series A list of anime television series that debuted between January 1 and December 31, Anime, Games and Animation. Toshihisa Koyama Animation Director: Dubged Kent as Yoji Hino. He voices the lead character Sora in the Kingdom Hearts video game series.

List of Fafner in the Azure episodes

Events in in anime. Fantasia Film Festival Announced Jun 22, Kevin Hatcher as Kazuki Makabe. The will of the Mir is their will. Minoru married on August 9,but has chosen to keep his wife’s identity anonymous. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. American male video game actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American male voice actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

G has been involved in the creation of numerous anime television series, OVAs, theatrical films, and is further involved in video game design and development, as well as music publishing and management.


Akane, still assimilated with Mjolnir, is rejected from merging with Meir, as she proceeds to the island. Story Inthree years after the Gamillas invasion of the Solar system, the people in the Solar System is finally at peace. The 10 Best Anime Movies of Hey, what were you doing back in ? The children, having been chosen to be candidates for piloting the Fafners, go through their first training sessions.

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Sam Riegel topic Samuel Brent Oscar Riegel born October 9,also known as Sam Regal, or Jack Lingo, is an American voice actor, writer and director who appears in cartoons, anime and video game series.

Madman’s Official Fafner Website. Angela band topic angela stylized with a lower case initial is a Japanese pop band, notable for having their music portrayed as theme songs eppisode several anime television shows.

Masato Funaki as Soldier ep Entertainment is an audio post-production studio with its headquarters in Burbank, California in Greater Los Angeles. Member feedback about Miyu Irino: The Renee character became the focus of a major murder mystery, resulting in one of the most spectacular send-offs in daytime history.

Toshiko Fujita as Hestor Gallop.

Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘