I really, really, loved all the sweet moments of CY and ES, how true love blossomed between them. I have always gotten everything I have wanted. Last time he made you steal the royal seal. You must die a slow and very painful death! Ahn Jae tells Gongmin that Young sent them and the rest of the Woodalchi look extremely relieved. And right now, my current flame is this drama. He pulls it out, meanwhile his heartbeat is getting steadier. Why would there be a past and future ES both existing on the same plane or maybe not because the past ES appears ghost-like.

The only flaw I’ve seen like most of the comments here pointed out is the character of Eun Soo. Lot of them doesn’t make senses to me. That first night, he did not sleep in his bed, he sat on the floor, only resting his head on the pillow. Eun-soo wakes up, and Aunt rushes to her bedside. This is place for everybody to come together and talk about our beloved “Faith”. The tension was so tangible you could almost touch it. I had a few favorite scenes today and the scene when Gongmin and Young are talking in his room is one of them. Deok Heung approaches Eun-soo menacingly and corners her.

At this point in the game, I am just curious like everyone else to see how things will get resolved the most.

No wonder many of those men are loyal to CY. I am surprised that people didn’t understand that Noguk was pregnant, it seemed so obvious to me the moment she began to gag. Jang Bin asks if Eun-soo is not going to tell Young about the poison.

Eun-soo looks at him and gasps to see that his feet are near her antidote samples so she quickly pulls his legs off. And why does she the ghostly ES know that her Eunsoo-future-self will travel draja in time that’s why she left clues for her?


But hey, if it end with a happy ending, I’ll be estatic! Young has set up a mourning alter in his room for rrama slain Woodalchi.

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Gongmin feels incredibly indebted and guilty towards Young because he cannot let Young go and keeps burdening him with more things to do. You do it for your own greedy self and those illusions of grandeur you are having.

Gotta love a girl who knows how to appreciate her beverages. I love the fact that the frozen warrior is gone and that Choi Young allows himself to actually watch and enjoy Eun-Soo instead of only watching over her. Faih you for the comment! So if she has spent months in Goryeo, shouldn’t she be missing for almost a year in ?

The Great Doctor

Put the meat back on the menu, already. I LOVE your comments and the screencaps that you put on these pages. When Lady C and the eunuch were congratulating him, I felt like saying as they often say in Kdramas: This way, if she comes back after “our” Eun Soo left, there won’t be any paradox. I absolutely adore these two and how open they are with each other and how much of a partnership they are creating. She simply steps back in. Young wants to know how many loyal men Ahn Jae has underneath him.

It brought back the few scenes where it was mentioned that Hwa Ta’s Eun Soo presence there changed history. Thanks to everyone for all their work.

I was thinking the same things too. It really is interesting to see how and why a certain drama is more popular internationally online than others. Those clues were left there because her future self in Ep.

Gongmin finds his room tossed and the eunuchs find a few things the baddies left behind: He wonders why Yuan wants the doctor so badly—what do they suppose she draam do? They have to make hard decisions all of the time, which can hurt the people that they care about.


I enjoyed watchin it, even over and over ddrama, thanks to GF and JB and to everybody that gave their comment to make the storyline understandable So I believe she’s meant to travel back and forth through time for that year and after the year is over, she’ll be back to Choi Young time, and she’ll stay with him. Best moment of the show: Surgical tools, diary and mini projector have some significance. Toystar October 16, at 8: Your email address will not be published.

You have to go greet him. But I have to say I was surprised it happened because I had read on wiki that Gongmin and Noguk had tried for many years to have a baby, and that Noguk died from it, so I wonder what’s going to happen in the drama?

For me this tree, is the Tree of Life. There, the surgeon falls in love with the warrior who is the leader of the royal guard.

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In the first episode the divination mentioned Eun Soo would travel for one year. Faiht right hand cupped fairh cheek as he moved closer. I will stand behind you! Instead I told myself: I was lucky to witness and participate in a lot of great drama moments of shared exhilaration where the fans came together and just relished in those last few episodes and squeezed all the love out of it in a good way.