During his ride home however it is revealed that his plane was shot down over Japan, resulting in no survivors. Although the purpose of that story still remains unclear, Papouli is dead now and life is precious so DJ and Kimmie Gibbler patch things up. Feed him fried chicken on his death bed? I guess that this was supposed to be some sort of grand dramatic performance for whichever Olsen twin that is, who makes an even uglier face than usual as she sort of almost convincingly forces herself to cry. June 10, at 4: Yeah, I heard that somewhere before.

July 9, at Also, why laugh at his death? Yes the daughters are manipulative, but they have to be in order for there to be a moral in a family show. Fuck that shit, and fuck Papouli in his decrepit, deceased anus. As stated originally, even as a fan of the show some of what the poster said would have been humorous if not for their lack of research into different cultures. The death in question occurs in the opening miniseries.

Please help improve this article by adding citations episdoe reliable sources. Surely you work, have friends. Watch now on “UnMade”. For some reason, she put the fish in the toilet while he waited for his home to be cleaned.

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Asked & Answered: What is the First TV Death You Remember? | This Was Television

Nicky Katsopolis Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit She was screwed from the get go. Jesse and Michelle are both devastated as they try to come to terms with his death. Kind of like South Park? It should have been you, Joey.

Season 7 Episode In actuality, this episode was extremely well done. As Billy mentioned Danny must have killed him. Muggavanand Pete Kelly’s Blues as Red, the bass playeras well as frequent episodic roles on anthology seriesWesterns and crime dramas.

Jesse is papou,i, believing he could have done something to save Papouli’s life. This is a very touching and sad episode; and something every family has to face at one point or another.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. In hindsight, not such a bad call. Inhe co-starred in the London staging of the musical Promises, Promisesreprising his film role in this show based on The Apartment. So, here it is, motherfuckers, the Papouli episode.

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Asked & Answered: What is the First TV Death You Remember?

Off the top of my head, Henry Blake. I feel the same way. March 18, at 8: Add Your Thoughts Cancel reply Enter your comment here Again, this is just fucking nonsense.


The first time I read it, Epispde laughed until I fell out of bed. It takes death to bring us together as a family sadly.

And certainly the way it was handled was magnificent. Alex dealing with the death of a friend. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You shant be hardening the mellow that is this board sir. I know this person is educated because, as I said, they are a very good writer and, even as a fan of the show, I can see the humerus anecdotes.

During his ride home however it is revealed that his plane was shot down over Japan, resulting in no survivors. The adults answered honestly and patiently.

The Last Dance

Papouli is the first television death I remember, and one which has stuck with me ever since. May god have mercy on all our souls. Maybe you secretly love Full House? The comments on that video are hilarious.