Anjali says she will never say like this again and shekisses him on forehead and they hug. They get call again and again no one says anything. Khushi says Arnav, Buaji needs rest. Receive all updates via Facebook. I think I need it! Arnav says you know it. Manorama wonders with whom Anjali was talking and says she will have to find out.

Doctor goes to Arnav and says Khushi will have to stay here for few days. Khushi asks why you brought him here? He only married to her because of Anajli and her baby because he used tothink her and Shaym.. Buaji comes there and asks him to come inside. Arnav says you know it. Receive all updates via Facebook.

He asks Khushi to move so doctor can go inside. Nani asks Khushi not to take Anjali wrong way, she has never hatedKhushi. But Khushi says she should go now. Nani tells her to be careful what she says. Khushi says it does.

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Manorama wonders with whom Anjali was talking and says she will have to find out. I love you, Di. Khushi says she will pay him everything back. wrihten

Arnav Explains His Feelings

Khushi feels happy as Anjalitalked with her? Anjali seems convinced finally? The most beautiful woman at the venue. Doctor checks her and says she is. Thanks for sharing this great article with us. I think that Arnav phrases things so Di can interpret as she needs. Akash and Payal sleeping on the bed?. Arnav asks if it is necessary for kyya patient to be dlon. Just then, Madhumati comes and asks who she is talking to and she says herself worrying Madhumati.



Buaji must be worrying. Akash too understands finallyand tells Payal lets start afresh but please be ware not do mistake likeKhushi ever?.

Just then, Khushi hears the golgappawala and asks her to come and eat golgappa. Celibrate with wishes to others eg friends, parents, brothers and relatives.

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That night, Khushi came into this house as my wife, but only because of you. Khushi goes and hugs her with tears in her eyes telling her she missed her a lot. 033 that they have an almost toxic co-dependency in their relationship.

He says why does he feel Khushi will come back to him for help. Nani asks him to call up Madhumati since she and Payal want to talk to her. It is a really nice and awesome post Early morning Khushi talking on mobile saying If you are unwell then Iwill come. Her mother asks her why are you here and is Arnav here as well?


He asks her why did you do this?

Tagged with anon ask answered ipkknd analysis anjali. Arnav again asks her to make him talk to Buaji. Khushi says him to come to hospital and pick her up. Anjali comes there and tells her she is going outside. Doctor says he understands and he says he will talk with Arnav. Manorama then changes the topic and tells her about Anjali.

Payal tells Khushi why didn? I am glad to see that your web site share writtrn info that can assist to several readers. Arnav says he heard this line before as well and Khushi stops.