But Baldra shoots Riviere and tries to kill him until Lehm disarms Baldra. The team’s An cargo airplane arrives at their location and delivers the artillery to the army without problems. Meanwhile, Koko has formed a front company that is purchasing Euro Group stocks as part of a hostile takeover. Minami “Miami” Amada , who does not show up. Jonah was then locked up in an empty cargo container for days. However, Lehm drags Jonah back using a hook and rope, chastising the boy for needlessly sacrificing his life. Jonah easily beats Lutz in a game of paintball. Although she refrains from answering, all her bodyguards including Lutz reaffirm their commitment to her.

Both agree with the idea, but first they must take one last job assigned to them, which is to assassinate Koko. She also realizes this was part of her father’s plan to win favor with the Outspoken Doctors for Humanity and the CIA. According to Kasper, it will help their clients around the world to greatly improve their military logistics. Meanwhile, Kasper sends a message to the Japanese company by having some of their men killed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Left with no other choice, she agrees but secretly tells her bodyguards they will rendezvous with Tojo and Valmet and escape through the border. Two days later, Koko and Curry, and their respective teams, manage to flee the country, where Koko watches a news report at the airport of the war having a quick conclusion just as she predicted.

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Koko wants to get out of the country as soon as possible since she does not deal with clients who pay on credit. In Port ElizabethDr. He is rescued by the U. Koko and her team are en route to deliver weapons to a country south of Russia, but discover that the nation’s shb led by Major Pollack and the Russians are fighting over the country’s oil pipeline.

Meanwhile, Scarecrow is informed that Koko has been secretly pooling all her resources in the toy factory in South Africa, a move she is concealing even from HCLI.

Perfect Order Page” in Japanese.

After revealing to Koko that he is a spy under Black, he manages to have both evacuate to safety and confronts Hex head on.

Jonah easily beats Lutz in a game of paintball. Chinatsu vows revenge against Koko before she escapes. Meanwhile, Jonah tells Koko how he thinks guns make people into monsters, and she thanks him for opening up to her. While Valmet and Jonah get close to the Daxinghai Company base, the assassins decide to take down the members of Koko’s team one by one starting with Ugo, whom they label as the easiest target among them.


Lehm intervenes to stop Valmet from further harming Karen because they are not alley thugs. Realizing Koko has played them, Amalia has a secret meeting with her, unaware that Euro Group mercenary snipers have followed them and are planning to kill Koko.

When the two exchange shots, R and Hex manage to hit each other’s left eyes, with R’s wound being fatal. However, Kasper heads to the restroom as well where Jonah attempts to kill him, but Kasper’s bodyguard Chequita stops Jonah and disarms him. Miami and Mokoena went out to scavenge shellfish at a beach.

Kasper claims that he will keep his part of the bargain of protecting Jonah’s friends in Japan, while giving Jonah a passport and a Swiss Bank account as a parting gift. While traveling in a freight to South Africa to rendezvous with Dr. Miami and her bodyguard Mokoena have gone off to the mountains to find butterflies.

However, Chinatsu is shot to death by Lehm with his sniper episoee from a distance.

After successfully managing to kidnap Leila and flee to the woods near the Cuban border, Koko’s team find themselves in a pinch against the Night Nine, who is dispatched after them, until Koko manages to shoot down their surveillance UAV.

Valmet finally confronts Chen, where they share some words before she kills him, finally avenging the deaths of her subordinates. A few days later, Jonah wanders to the crow’s nest of the ship, recalling that Kasper, who was responsible for selling weapons that killed Jonah’s parents, promised to send the orphans to Japan to live peaceful lives in exchange that Jonah would become one of Koko’s bodyguards in Europe.

Jormungand: Perfect Order Episode 19 Subtitle Indonesia

Koko Hekmatyar personally recruits Jonathan “Jonah” Mar before they travel en route to Eastern Europe, where a local government official has kept a shipment of HCLI MiG fighter upgrades under lockdown from his country’s air force for fear it would lead to regional tension with its neighbors. When William “Wilee” Nelson ind instructed to take Jonah away by teaching him a grammar lesson, the latter heads to the restroom to relieve himself.

After inro rest of Koko’s team reaches the scene and takes down the snipers giving support to Hex, she is forced to give the order to retreat. In the present, Koko has a private meeting with Amalia Torohovsky about Black and his quest to put arms dealers under his thumb for the CIA. Koko comforts Valmet by telling her that she was able to put the souls jormunband her subordinates at ease.

Just after leaving, Black learns of Hex’s apparent suicide and decides not to give up on Koko, after being reminded by the voices of R and Hex, who warn him not to underestimate Koko. According to Koko, the quantum supercomputer and HCLI’s satellite network together form the Jormungand system, which she will use to take control of the world to prevent further wars.


Later during a science lesson, Mao shares with Jonah that he is married with children, and he was discharged from his artillery unit before being hired as one of Koko’s bodyguards, something his children does not know. Lists of anime episodes. In JakartaKasper Hekmatyar and his team find themselves once again outsmarted by a rival Japanese company, and he decides to take the fight to them with Koko’s help. Once their plane leaves, the episodr manages to evade the militia’s anti-air weaponry and destroy them thanks to Mao shooting them with a flechette round.

Furious that his Daxinghai contractors were defeated by Koko’s bodyguards, Chen orders the assassination of Koko and Ugo in Port Elizabeth but Scarecrow’s assistant Schokolade manages to persuade her boss to help them escape on a SuperHind Mk.

Black and Hinoki react coldly to the announcement, and Jonah realizes that Koko has no interest in this at all when she briefly discusses it with Amalia. Koko and her bodyguards eventually episdoe at Heathrow airport in London, but not before having a minor problem with an airport security metal detector when Jonah insist to the guard that he had been shot in the butt a long time ago.

Hex plans to find out what hurts Koko the most before destroying it.

Jormungand Perfect Order Koko x Jonah [Kiss]

Wilee makes use of his demolitions expertise to figure out a trap set by Excalibur and the team successfully repels their pincer attack and defeat the enemy with the help of Nazal, who was supposedly working with them but switched sides, collaborating with Koko instead.

Minami “Miami” Amadawho does not show up. Hinoki informs Koko of a rendezvous point for the two parties to meet with the pretense of discussing a mutual agreement, but Koko warns her team to prepare themselves for the worst. While Jonah escapes with Koko, Lehm holds off Orchestra, who soon runs out of ammo and retreat to their pickup truck armed with an M2 Browning machine gun. Meanwhile, as Koko’s team is preparing themselves for the kidnapping, Lutz questions Koko about her true intentions.

Miami refuses the offer and has Curry consider quitting the arms dealing business and opening up a restaurant.