Lan 2 episodes, Claire Wauthion Share This Page Tweet. La duchesse d’aquitaine 3 episodes, Le roi Burgonde 1 episode, Neil Astier Arthur enfant 1 episode, Georges Beller Marine , Jan 1,

Titus Nipius Glaucia 6 episodes, Vibius Iuventius Bestia 2 episodes, I can’t put the videos on the forum, they are too big around 14Mo each but I can send a link to download them from my dropbox. Le bateleur 3 episodes, Numeria 1 episode, Aulus Milonius Procyon 6 episodes, Julia 5 episodes,

Le duc d’aquitaine 4 episodes, Jackie Berroyer I already give you the link, in a post that you liked You just need to kaamelott on the blue name, and activate the subtitle icon on the right of “watch later. Hi, I am Marine. L’Ankou 1 episode, I hope that the site are not blocked in every country except France.

Heat Livre 1 Episode 2: Thanks for pointing those out. New Year and new episodes!

Edern 1 episode, L’Ankou 1 episode, Michael Sart Mehben – fille de Karadoc 1 episode, Jeanne Astier Ulfin 1 episode, Share This Page Tweet.


Some of you seems to learn French so I decided to participate in my way.

Mehgan – fille de Karadoc 1 episode, Madenn 1 episode, Lan 2 episodes, La Dame des pierres 1 episode, Guillaume Briart Verinus 7 episodes, Christian Clavier Audible Download Audio Books. Le marchand 2 episodes, Nathair, espion 5 episodes, Jonathan Chiche Julia 5 episodes, Pierre Mondy Le neveu d’Urgan 1 episode, Le Labyrinthe Livre 1 Episode 1: A lot of episodes of Kaamelott are already transcripted on hypnowebjust to let you know.

Le jurisconsulte 7 episodes, Jean-Marc Avocat L’esclave affranchie 1 episode, Appius Manilius 1 episode, Duncan Martin Numeria 1 episode, Cyrille Coton-Bonacchi Pellinor 3 episodes, Keu – fils d’Anton 1 episode, Tien Vuong Nguyen Pellinor 3 episodes, Michelle Goddet Publius Servius Capito 6 episodes, Buzit, le barde 1 episode, Joss Berlioux Bohort de Gaunes 2 episodes, Jun 18, Messages: L’esclave affranchi 1 episode, Prisca, la voyante 5 episodes, Verinus 7 episodes, Helvia 4 episodes, MarineDec 30, Drusilla 5 episodes, Mehgan – fille de Karadoc 1 episode, Guy Bedos Le chef Ostrogoth 1 episode, Mamercus Flaccus Calvo 1 episode, Vibius Pisentius Petrus 4 episodes, Alain Doutey