You know you want to. Gamini Fonseka , Tony Ranasinghe. Sathischandra Edirisinghe , Swarna Mallawaarachchi. Vijaya Nandasiri , Rukmani Devi. Popular Videos Reviews more reviews. Gamini Fonseka , Ravindra Randeniya. His album, with 16 tracks within three minutes each is candidly simple and similar but good.

Oswald Jayasinghe,Sumana Amarasinghe, D. Gamini Fonseka , Tony Ranasinghe. Sandhya Kumari , Anthony C. But Taylor strategies to add the missing track to the album by this weekend for streaming. Kulatunga, Dommie Jayawardena ,Senadheera Rupasinghe,. Now available on www. You can see some of the famous songs in this film. Vijaya kumarathunga , Malani Fonseka.

Malini FonsekaGamini Fonseka. Oswald Jayasinghe,Sumana Amarasinghe, D.

Kawuda Raja “කවුද රජා” Watch Full movie on – Youtube On Repeat

The year-old singer has been in and out of multiple professions inside fiom music industry. Malini FonsekaVijaya Kumaranatunga. Sathischandra EdirisingheSwarna Mallawaarachchi.

Recent blog posts more blog posts. Perera,Robin Fernando, Rex Kodippily. Malini FonsekaVijaya Kumaranathunga.

Kauda Raja[ Sinhala]

Singer Chris Brown has had numerous run-ins with the police authorities over the past few years and this time it is no different. Oswald Jayasinghe, Nita KawuudaH. Thissa WijesurendraJenita Samaraweera.


Wasanthi Chathurani ‘s debut as an actor. Malini FonsekaVijaya Kumarathunga. You can see some of the famous songs in this film.

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Vijaya kumarathungaMalani FonsekaJoe Abewikrama. Ananda Jayaratne,Anula Karunathilake, D.

Retrieved from ” https: Gamini FonsekaSriyani Amarasena. VOD lk Published on Tissa WijesurendraMalani Fonseka. His album, with 16 tracks within three minutes each is candidly kawufa and similar but good.

List of Sri Lankan films of the 1970s

Vijaya KumaranatungaGeetha Kumarasinghe. Gamini FonsekaRavindra Randeniya. Gamini FonsekaTony Ranasinghe. Ravindra Randeniya ‘s debut as an actor.

The effect of his song on the meme culture was phenomenal. Vijaya kumarathungaMalani Fonseka. Ravindra RandeniyaManel Vanaguru. Roy de Silva, Fredy Silva. Vijaya KumaranatungaBiula Dias. Vijaya NandasiriRukmani Devi. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Geetha KumarasingheJoe Abewikrama. Nanayakkara ,Robin Fernando,Rex Kodippily. Popular Videos Reviews more reviews.

Vijaya KumaranathungaMalini Fonseka.