I find him rather bland personally, but he’s definitely got some things going for him. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I love me some Reth, I don’t even care. Now having read Supernaturally? What a cute book and a pleasant surprise! Evie, a teenage girl who can detect disguised paranormal beings, works as an officer for the International Paranormal Containment Agency.

Evie finds herself at the very center of the problem, a dark faerie prophesy promising destruction to all other paranormals. Books by Kiersten White. Jul 21, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: It’s one of the best Summer reads and I’ve added it to my list of favorite books for I kinda wish the earth would swallow me up right now, my pride is so wounded. But you know, she never feels like a Mary Sue.

I applaud Kiersten for keeping me guessing. Too often major things happen to characters and the impact of those events is glossed over for the sake of advancing sereis plot.

I also loved the Whedonesque banter between Evie and her IPCA victims, but that was, sadly, less prevalent in this sequel. Now, I liked Paranormalcy well enough because of its heroine, Evie, and the story’s tendency to poke fun at the paranormal craze. With your cocky attitude, all-kinds-of-funny wit, and dimpled audacity, you had me laughing from hello.

That was hugely anti-climactic. VivianRaquelAriannaEvieReth Hopefully the third book is more action packed. I’ve read it on and off for the last ten years and every time I pick it up, I literally yes, literally laugh out loud. To ask other readers questions about Paranormalcyplease sign up. I love those two together but Evie has to learn what it means to have someone to trust. Things get a little dicey when all sorts of paranormals are being killed, the Center is invaded, and some faeries are being total douchebags.

She brings this series alive – I love her from her pink-and-sparkly taser “Tasey” to her butt-kicking attitude: Nothing ever is boring! Also, I’m exceedingly grateful to Kiersten White for providing me with the first book I’ve read in weeks that Kkristen actually tore through instead of that painful plodding process where I have to put it down every three chapters.



Or perhaps I’ve matured as a reader. It just didn’t leave a lasting impression like I had hoped. Now, while Evie got into a lot of dark, action-packed scrapes, it still felt fairly light to me because of the humorous voice.

And if you like said vampire slaying goddess, you will love Evie who job doesn’t involve slaying per se, just containment. Seriee is just as great as the first book. She seems well aware of YA tropes and avoids them at every turn with her refreshing characters, unexpected plot points, and authentic relationships. The writing in this one is pretty bad. It wasn’t a big one and it wasn’t kritsen of a distraction, but it still bugged me.

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White has such a way of evolving the glamours into thick descriptions, telling us about paranormals we haven’t, or have heard about. It was the best kiss of my life!

I’ll probably read the sequel, but I’m not rushing out to get it. The reading experience is so worth those weird looks. It also seems remarkably fitting for Evie, the main character, who is also shiny and pretty.

The only reason why I sense a love triangle was because I thought she would go back to Reth, since she was talking to Lend and becoming his friend while she was thinking about Reth. Pink taser with rhinestones named “Tasey? Not near as much so as Buffy or Mortal Instruments, but reminiscent of both some might say copycat.

First off, I really liked Evie. Will the author potentially be able to make the novels tied up plot-wise on their own so that any reader can feel satisfied by finishing one novel without needing to read the rest? I still don’t know about Reth. I can point you towards hundreds of other young adult books that are more or less exactly the same as what you get from Paranormalcy.


I felt like the last third or so wasn’t as strong as the rest of the book.

White was also inspired by the events of “a tough time” during her adult life. Endlessly Paranormalcy Book 3 Jul 24, What is the International Paranormal Containment Agency? There are prophecies about Evie.

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Emily Eiden had the perfect timing and delivery for all of Evie’s one-liners – she really took this book to the next level. The bad guy was ok. You need to be strong on your own before you can be strong with someone else.

I kept flipping back an forth. It’s because I now have the shameful task of eating my own words.

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He didn’t like me. I thought what they did to paranormals was wrong, Yeahhhhh, so this one started out pretty funny. Slayer Jan 8, Feb 18, Victoria rated it it was ok. Eventually, she and her agent decided to make Paranormalcy their priority, which led to it being acquired by HarperCollins in Apr 09, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: Looking forward to book 3. Jul 08, Erin rated it liked it Recommends it for: