As for kang ji hwan, really enjoyed him in Hong Gil Dong, but here, yuck. As for KJ, his job seems more like an obligation, I can sense that if given the right opportunity, he would chose to carve a different career path. Yoon Joo, being the damsel-in-distress!! Man and the soundtrack fit it. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. I am tired of reading negative comments

Hold out for substance! Yoon Joo , that is all there is. She got into the mess because of him. Not to mention my face would be so red, heart thumping out of my chest! Baby faced beauty all the way Plus Jaebum is such a douche. Oh how I wish I was hot and talented enough to be an actress.

Which looks a lot like disney land, but with a much hotter mickey!!

Dramacrazy lie to me

And I think, by the end of the drama, SH will finally take responsibility for his own actions and feelings and behave like an adult, not like a selfish kid that throws tantrums and runs away, regardless of the consequences. She meets Sang-hee the next day and returns the ring dejectedly, and tells episde about her new dilemma.

Monday is still so far away… thanks for the recap jie jie!! SH will mature bcoz he wants to prove to AJ that he is able, capable man he may work at World after all.

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But this kiss was too unbelievable. I watched the first episode and it relly didn’t drag me in at all. I know I’m cheap. Good thing there are so many fabulous subbers who really subbed so fast for us who dos not understand Korean.


Lie to Me Volunteer Team. THe ending of this episode was daebak!

I just love all your post and really appreciate all the work you put in it! If this continues like this, lie to me will be like that in my mind. I reload your page on my phone like almost every hour to see if there are any updates on LTM.

Yoon Joo looks at pictures of her and Ki Joon. She asks if they are happy now?

Ah-jung and Ki-joon leave their boat with a new arrange. There needs to be more development of the character.

Kdrama Lie to Me Episode 6 with Eng Subs?

Yoon Eun Episide Main Cast. I think I can see where they may take the Ah-jung character – right now she’s all about sticking it to So-ran, but I think as she progresses, she will be able to let go of her petty rivalry and grow up. Ki Joon reminds her that he told her that he likes her. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I join you in the Park Hoon camp.


Your help will be totally appreciated!! You are like kie in a pond, just laying there. I don’t mind cliches and same old storylines because all are in the execution.

No pense enamorarme otra vez Yoon Joo replies: Park Ji Yoon Supporting Em. For the sake of Yoon Eun-hye, Kang Ji-hwan, and hot kissing. When Ki Joon broke up with Yoon Joo, he was cold, like nothing is happening to me, with his poker face, on the contrary, Yoon Joo was in shock, and denial. Also, liking the songs while AJ and KJ meets pre-vomit scene and shower petals under the cherry trees scene. I wish that Mr.

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Yoon Joo says that Ki Joon is being very hurtful. Wherever she is, she brings dead and destruction!!! Please, pleaseplease epframa for this drama.

I know I’m suppose to find her lovely mme don’t get me wrong she is endearing at times- but for the most part I’m finding her a bit petty and selfish. Now to the funny part: I am gonna watch it again: