Rest of the crew can back me on this Hope I’m not over-hyping it for you, but it really is one of my all-time favorites If its one of your favourites I can recommend a few others in a similar vein hehehe. Very consistently good just like the last 2 seasons. Also watched ep 1 of Shokugeki no Souma, more action than most shounen shows. Highly recommended wot dont tell me it drops off afterwards If you a Man, than it’s a Must Watch. Kiniro Mosaic S2 – ep 1 Dat was it mane. Blood Type Anime –

Seems pretty meh to me. When I do I anticipate feel heavy scenes seeing Hiro and Sae again. From the first few minutes and how it ended you can see that it’s going to be different then how it was in the middle. Those Trio girls had it coming and he set them up so good to get trolled. Is the anime doing a really poor job of portraying Saber’s strength or is she just a complete pushover in this version of the visual novel? I’ll make you a deal, if I haven’t finished reading it by Saturday the 18th, I’ll get rid of my copies of Girl Friends. I was wondering how they were gonna pull that off — ending with them as a permanent couple would’ve caused a lot of problems for both of them, like Manami said, but anything but an incest ending would’ve felt like a cop out I really doubt they’re going to stay regular siblings for the rest of their lives after that, they’re probably going to get back together for a few months at a time at different points in their lives. Rest of the crew can back me on this Hope I’m not over-hyping it for you, but it really is one of my all-time favorites If its one of your favourites I can recommend a few others in a similar vein hehehe.


The guy in it is so talented!

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Started watching Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann today currently at ep10iv never been a fan of Mechas expect the golden egg Code Geass the, but its actualy pretty fkin sweetgot that fallout feel which i enjoy in animesi expect great things When Kamina dies that broke my heart legit criedSimon going berserk but it seems Nia will fix his broken angus http: Save time by spreading curation tasks among your team.

I have a feeling that Gowther entering at this time wasn’t a coincidence and was setup accordingly by Merlin. Top 5 Anime Moments of Awesomeness. I thought it was the perfect ending for an incest anime. Seems he decided to betray her when she said she had intention to give Saber back. About “Attack on Titan” In an alternative, middle-ages setup, mankind as we know is dwindling in numbers. Saten-san so hnng though. Yeah it was good up through the hunter exam part and then when they started to learn about auras and the Phantom Troupe arc got me hooked pretty bad lol You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The issue seems to be the subtitle rendering of VLC.

It’s a little slower paced this time, the OP song. I’ll be buying the blue rays in some way, and I can’t wait to watch this. Also he’s a confirmed phaggot. Soma and Dungeon delivered.

That’s such a girly show, although strangely entertaining but not as good as Index. Where has twitchy been? FSN is out on kissanime Wow, didn’t it just aired today? Doesn’t really captivate me at all, neither the characters or the story.

Will check into it.

Surprised how far you are. Or just download your anime instead of being a half ass.


Both Enforcers and Inspectors use magnum-esque “Dominators”, special weapons designed to fire only on those with a higher than normal Crime Coefficient. If you a Man, than it’s a Must Watch. Hodizon this an H? So I’ve been watching OreImo, started it forever ago and watched an episode or two at a time whenever I was bored and in the mood, but it didn’t really suck me in.

Luffy’s character has not changed much if at all. Rainbow just started now up to episode 7 KLK is awesome srs, looks stupid as fuk with all the fanservice and cheap animation but its great.

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This is a pretty good website if kissanime doesn’t work for some reason. The show was my favourite from the last few seasons, phucking loved it. I’m on ep 4 of klk, still haven’t finished it yet.

I like ani,e4fun Rin started crying all of a sudden and grabbed his hand. Research and publish the best content. Character from “Darker than Black”.

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Perfect song to smash a girl to The ED to the series is amazing. How the fuk can you guys watch stuff from animeultima god damn the quality is chit. Kurisu’s one of the best tsunderes. It would be cool to see these two in paint form. I got extremely excited. Madoka’s OP matched so well to how the show made you feel.