Other then that it is great. This does take its toll on the battery however. Nothing changed after this update, neither. During a workout your stats are displayed on the screen and you can swipe through different views. How would you like a personal playlist with the songs that motivate you most? Motorola claims 20, user-mapped courses available worldwide. The ACTV is based around a carousel-style interface at the top level.

You can also keep track of all your social networking updates while out in the middle of nowhere. From within the menus, a long press on the back button will return you to the clock, so getting around is fairly swift after you get familiar with the system. For a product that intends to sell internationally , this is substandard comparing to other golf GPS watches! Calibration on it is difficult as well since discontinued. This watch is great. Starting with basic functions it offers music, with 8GB of internal memory, and sports watch features thanks to the on-board GPS and motion detector.

A long press on the workout button takes you directly to the workout section and you get the same from music. It would be great to have go,f support here; if Motorola made the app accessible on all devices, it would broaden the appeal of the ACTV amongst Android users.

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In the box you get a clip like the iPod nano clip for attaching to clothing. Golt might want speed rather than pace, walkers might be more interested in step rate.

Each section then lets you tap through to a menu except the clock to get to the relevant details.

It does just about everything and as long as you are aware watcch the shortcomings, it’s a very capable training companion. It’s easy to get to your gplf sessions and plan new ones. How would you like a personal playlist with the songs that motivate you most? Worn with the optional Sports Wrist Strap, we’ve been happy using it as a regular watch, although the screen dims to save battery so you’ll have to press the standby button to read the time.


Performance In reality we feel the displayed details could be bigger, but we didn’t actually have a problem reading the stats thanks to the size and the black on white display.

The GPS logs your steps, speed, distance, and even your elevation. But it’s also a respectable investment.

Fees for Access to Course Database: Your virtual caddy records and stores your scores and stats and shows you how much you’ve improved. Analyze This Get the winning edge by analyzing your performance from every angle.

I bought this product to log my workouts online and to add my hear rate history. What’s more, it stores the weather info so you can see how rain, wind, or blazing sunshine affects your play.

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Measuring 46mm square and weighing 36g, it’s pretty large as watches go, but you do get a decent display size, which is vital for glancing at stats on the run. The heart rate monitor can help you vary the intensity of your training. You can look at different metrics in your stats, you have access to graphs and tables.

The feature set of the Motorola ACTV is certainly expansive and as an expandable system, we’ve not been able to test every accessory that the ACTV offers and some aren’t available yet. After a round is completed, a scorecard is available to display the hole, par and score per hole, along with total score and score relative to par. Set targets for distance, time, and even calories burned.

It’s a comprehensive system. The performance of the headset isn’t the best however, even if it is comfortable.

You can program different categories of music to fit your mood. We also found the GPS trace to be accurate to our route when we viewed it over at motoactv.

Motorola MotoACTV

Get the winning edge by analyzing your performance from every angle. By learning your heart-rate zones, you can golr your training session for fat burning, endurance training, or performance training. The ACTV is based around a carousel-style interface at the top level.

Do yourself a favour and buy a Garmin. Using it predominantly for running is fine, but if you want something to track your crack at the Qctv, you might want to look elsewhere.


There is an FM radio on board, as well as a motorolx section for podcasts. You also get a neat “call back” option, so you can step off the treadmill and return that important call. No other golf gps watch on the market like it. See details for additional description. You also get the option to setup different bikes, so if you have fixie, motkrola and mountain bikes, you can set up the wheel size and bike weight appropriately.

Other then that it is great. We’ve tried sports watches with buttons that don’t always respond, we’ve tried some that need you to tap the rim.

Running in the gloom of winter is a pleasure as it’s easy to see your stats no matter what the conditions. Motorola has entered the burgeoning golf GPS watch market by leveraging their existing MOTOACTV device, which can track fitness performance across a variety of activities, including running, walking, elliptical and cycling, and also functions as an MP3 player for your favorite tunes. We found that the GPS pickup took a while, but was fast enough once outside.

The workout button is labelled “start”, which may cause a double take when you see references to the workout button mentioned.

The latter will need to be calibrated to provide reliable statistics, but will then offer to keep track of your daily activity, giving you your steps and calories burnt for an entire day, rather than just your dedicated workout time. There is no external speaker, however, so if you’re not wearing headphones, you won’t hear anything – and this extends to any alerts relating to your workout too.