After looking around the house, the pair go to observe each of the girls at their respective schools, learning that Yuuta and Sora are getting married to each other. Though the way she jumps on her uncle More over I have to say that she was cute with him while he had those Sora slap bruises whom made his cheeks super red. Like all those awkward situations Sora always manages to get into. Loved how all fall down in the spoiler it was a nice last frame to put in the episode. Lol the club president interrogating Nimura. Touchy Episode is touchy alot of great moments happened!

Retrieved March 4, Sora, Miu and Hina. Yuuta was nice to see with the light and curtains here. None of them are strictly consistent with eachother. Loved seeing Hina playing with Miu in the spoiler along with looking for her things and playing around Yuuta with her white bunny. Raika got one ahead.. After his sister goes missing in a plane crash, he is left to care for his sister’s three daughters from her marriage. My one complaint other than the pedo jerk is that Sora needs to chill a little regarding mishaps with Yuuka.

Through certain episoce, Sora and Raika end up trapped in a closet together, ending up in the epjsode states of undress in order to try to get themselves free. The series is being milked crazy and it shows however the spinoffs are decent so it’s all good. I have not read any of the other adaptations so I can only say this based on what I’ve seen here, but it seems to me he “simply” brings tension to this show and I really, really, want to reach out and ‘touch’ him, very, very hard, with my aluminum baseball bat.

And like most others, I’m also looking forward epiaode more Raika. Though the club president needs to be shot or exterminated that’s just way too over the top: She rejoins the glee club; Kurumi acknowledges that she loves her work and finds a job.

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I like the show a lot, but i sort of feel like nothing is really happening. Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Along the way Sako calls, demanding to meet Yuuta and his nieces. Lotsa people hating on the prez, yet so many have posted perverted things about dem lolis.


At the same time, Kurumi is discouraged with her voice-acting career when she cannot find a job. Retrieved March 3, Yuuta tells her he intends to continue as their guardian; his aunt and Sora’s uncle overhear and accept his decision. After Shiori manages to find Hina and reunite her with her family at the ferris wheel, Vveoh reveals she wanted to go on the ferris wheel to show Yuri a picture for her birthday.

While episkde had good respect in being worried here over the whole family picture enough to consider of hiding it out. Sometimes my patience with this show runs thin. While I did like seeing Miu with her luggage here.

About Sako, indeed as many said he was scary and very much pedo. Meanwhile the landlady, Midorikawa Sawakoscolds Kurumi for evoh late with the rent; she makes Hina cry, causing her to get ice cream on herself and Sawako. It gave out a nice sensation somehow. He is precise as ever in knowing her. About Hina, I consider in the spoiler A blessing they did it like that.

So Hina’s got a little Kyuubei bunny, lol.

So I am glad it got to like that. Hina sleeping on Yuuta and drooling in the spoiler was a total Hnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhht.

Retrieved from ” https: Comforted, Miu returns home and thanks Sora for letting her wander around town. I fear he’s gonna kidnap the girls and rape them. As a non-lolicon, I also approve of this message. Yuuta and the girls win a family trip to a hot spring resort, where they are unexpectedly followed by Raika, Kouichi and Shuntarou. Archived from the original on March 28, These character-centered adaptations occur at different time periods, spanning weeks to months before or after Yuri and Shingo’s disappearance, so they rarely overlap with each other; a fan made guide can be found in the trivia tab.

When Yuuta returns home the girls discuss their plans for the school semester but they are interrupted by the landlady’s daughter, who is evicting Yuuta for violating his lease which stipulates how many people can live with him.


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Miu seems to have a lot of fanboys. Oh no, my uncle grabbed my underwear out of all the stuff that fell!! She gets more anxious when she believes Raika wants to take Yuuta to a Lovers’ Cape, though in the end, it turns out she wanted to take Hina.

I could have sworn that was in the last ep’s preview. After looking around the house, the pair go to observe each of the girls at their respective schools, learning that Yuuta and Sora are getting married to each other.

I really liked this episode in the manga and i liked even more in the anime,Hina putting to sleep Yuuta was cute as hell,Sora slapping that hard was a little extreme but her tsundereness can let her be more sensible.

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Archived from the original on March 7, That was amazing MOE. Sako is a dangerous man, he wants innocent 3 year old Hina, he also did a sketch of Hina but forgot her long hair.

Iuoto still needed to get episdoe from Sora. Sora really likes to slap Yuta, I feel sorry for him. It gave out a positive outlook on Sora. Too bad SOra always loses many of the cuteness points she gains with her unnecessary violence. Anyways, bring on the Raika. While I do admit that the shopping Mall signboard is catchy in being cute.

Still she looks good at it. That might not be a good sign IMO. I want Rambo in a mecha-suit with a laser-chainsaw gun that fires nuclear warheads, fighting the love-child of Predator, Alien, a group of Bangladeshi terrorists, and Satan. Yuuta was nice to see with the light and curtains here.