End the endless wait Proposing a new law 5. Nani now asks Dadi about Arnav. Garima is standing there with aarti. Not only us, but future Legal immigrants will be benefitted, they don’t have to go thru what we had to SKILL is the best bet. Our first New York meet started with a small meet at a Starbucks in Manhattan.

Just some saturation on the reds I am not sure if every story ends like this particular one. To execute any idea, you need money – especially law suit requires lot of money: Buaji also sees car and gives news to everyone that Arnav is here. A friend mentioned to me that your labour needs to be applied for atleast one whole year even if it has been approved in PERM , to be able to apply for any kind of H1 extentions. Garima says, how is this possible?

I know my mother very well. I had seen such days too.

indi and iss pyaar ko: episode a twist of love

May or maynot be the case. I have a possible offer for a job and would ;kyek to change. Posted by dimetix at 8: Khushi asks Garima, why Dadi is saying all this?

After CIR is approved thats big if it will take a few months for CIS to come up with the guidelines and prepare itself to handle the increased work load.

In the last two years your post count is 5. Garima says to Dadi, but you said you forgave me? Newer Post Older Post Home. As I mentioned I did file for her, but as I am not a citizen it will take longer. I want to know your answer.



Dadi continues, this is same Garima because of whom my family destroyed. People have already filed a law suit on the same day the President signed the bill! Like name check should be completed in days. About Me dimetix View my complete profile.

Now what you have to do is your own decision. CIR may just have H1 B. I got married in Arpilmy wife is from my home country, she had been in the US previously on an F-1 status which has since ran out.

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So for you all in IN it is a good start. Hi all I am a green card holder. Nk is trying to call him but Arnav is not picking up.

Everyone is searching for Arnav, but he is no where there.

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Garima says, how is this possible? She comes in to the wedding hall. And it was all because of you Garima. I wanted to you know the pain. Our plan at this time is for her to go to grad school, apply for a new F-1 to come back here.


I am on my second H1b and my h1 expires in a little over a year. We are presently waiting for a decsion on the grad school application from the school she applied to. Khushi and others are clueless. Garima is standing there with aarti.

Khushi says, this is not truth. Nani now asks Dadi about Arnav.

In the room, Khushi is very happy and she says, I have to scold him. Dadi continues, how did pkysk even think that I would let you have all this happiness in return for sadness and pain that you gave to us? Most people think law suit is a bad thing, but that is not right. Khushi again asks Garima.

Upgrade from EB3 to EB2 http: Our first New York meet started with a small meet at a Starbucks in Manhattan. I have flown AI with stop over in Bom, but would prefer something direct to Bangalore.

Why do you have to bring your friend in.