She was a lonely girl, and she had no means of living. This episode is about Mion and Necochi’s fight that happened because her father couldn’t come watch her show again. It turned out that Mion was betting on having Aira and Rizumu enter together, believing that they could definitely win. Mion and Aira are both practicing but Aira doesn’t feel like she is having that much fun. Rizumu had noticed a commotion taking place and went to look making Aira and Mion chase after her. Prev Ep 5 Next Ep 7. Note – This episode has recounted as the 1st episode of Pretty Rhythm:

It turns out that he is afraid of dark places. He shows Bear-chi about Sonata’s and Rizumu’s father Ryuu’s past when they just got married. Rizumu begins to hear the clothes Aira picked out sing and performs a Prism jump. Note – This episode has recounted as the 1st episode of Pretty Rhythm: As a result, their business is through the roof. Aurora Dream Episode 29 Pretty Rhythm: Aira and Rizumu are off to their lessons, but Aira has something else in mind. Aurora Dream Episode 28 Pretty Rhythm:

Archived from the original on October 1, Finally, the girls got to perform and it ended up as a success.

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When Aira and Rizumu were busy eating, three girls sneak into their room and steal all their Prism stones from their cases, a scene which is witnessed auora Mion.


Aurora Dream Episode 27 Pretty Rhythm: Aira and Rizumu’s school trip has been decided to be Kyoto. Aurora Dream Episode 43 Pretty Rhythm: The Tiara Cup is approaching soon and Rizumu has changed.

Natsuki gives Rizumu the pin she was supposed to give to her mother and makes Rizumu feel better. Rizumu changes out of the clothes Aira picked for her and Aira quits. In the end, the old person episods to everyone that Sere-non would definitely be a winning comedy duo.

Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream Episode 6 English Sub

The Pretty Recipe of Victory” Transcription: It turns out that he is afraid of dark places. Wataru finally vowed to her that no matter what happens he would protect her. Then, she is told that she needs to get at least a 70 on the make-up test or she will have to retire from being a Prism Star.

Aurora Dream Episode 29 Pretty Rhythm: Drea and her father persuaded Mion into helping to create even more cakes and the 3 were all tired from a long day’s work. Rizumu meets Hibiki and they talk at their “secret” training place. In the end, there was a box of Rizumu’s chocolate on the floor with tear drops on it. Rabichi and Beachi” Transcription: Archived from the original on June 10, Ekoda-chan Sword Art Online: Aira manages to pick an outfit that focused on vitamin colors that Prerty designed to make Aira feel more energetic.


When MARs asked them who is their third member, they become speechless. Aira and Rizumu’s Big Fight” Transcription: Their new song Hop!

It turns out that they were lonely without their big sister and they don’t actually hate the Prism show. Aira, Rizumu and Mion pledge to try their hardest together and work as a group and be friends forever, wearing the bracelets.

After Aira and Rizumu are yelled at, Mion ends up being the one to interview. episodf

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That was when Callings came and invited them to go to a fireworks deeam with them. It was sunset when Serena and Kanon performed first.

During the show, the old man recalls all his past memories. Rizumu performs an amazing Prism Show. One day, 8th grader Aira Harune stumbles upon her twin sisters Uru and Eru, and younger brother Itsuki watching a Prism Show on TV then goes out to buy fruits for her dad’s cake shop.

They were able to get the crowd to laugh and did a Prism show. Aira and Flare happily shake hands at the end of the episode.