The young bachelor survives his encounter with the monster by chance and I think he was able to identify who the creature used to be before becoming the werewolf. The village council assume it is all over and argue that the landowner Zivan is being unreasonable in his refusal to allow his daughter to marry Strahinja and with the blessing of the local priest they kidnap Radojka. Retrieved from ” https: He is sometimes referred to as the Serbian Gogol. Beside that, it takes me twenty years to get courage to watch it again! Otherwise it’s a really enjoyable film. Parliamentary elections were held in Yugoslavia on 5 May When the horror moments occur in this movie, they are often very effective and chilling, with the vampire itself a memorably scary creature, who indulges in witchy behaviour such as riding its victim.

But the last half an hour of the movie is so brilliant that we can forgive the director Kadijevic for that mistake. Unlike most other European vampire presentations, though, the creature here is a long way off the sophisticated aristocratic blood-sucker variety and is instead a filthy feral beast with excess body hair, sharp nails and teeth. I didn’t quite get the connection between the vampire and the butterfly but felt better about it later on when I read no one else did, either. The films title translates into English as Butterfly, which has its meaning exposed in the last moments. Those who do re-watch it un fortunately find their childhood experiences shattered as this movie isn’t scary at all. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. There were quite a few ‘not so smart’ people at TV Serbia back in 80’s because they showed this film at

Spooky vampire story from the Balkans – a short description of the movie. I can folm say it is almost as scary as the movie. It was as far as I know only ever shown twice on the then Yugoslavian television network – its original TV broadcast – and again in the eighties no idea of specific date – It has never been “officially” shown outside of its country of origin and no “official” DVD release has ever surfaced.

Svaanovic Balkans are home to polymath Johann Weikhard von Valvasor, who documented the world’s first written account on vampires- about the legend of Jure Grando from Istria now Slovenia – in his encyclopedia: Keep in mind this was filmed in the ’70s in Yugoslavia, and for TV.


The butterfly myth is completely left in the open and we’re never even sure how it even correlates with the vampires. The IMDb reviews are pretty funny -it seems this Yugoslavian TV movie was inadvertently screened in a time slot reserved for kids and it scared the horlr out of a whole generation of impressionable Slavs. It is this aesthetic that gives the film a cult status.

Forget about Scream or Night mare in Elm Street.

Leptirica – Yugoslavia, – HORRORPEDIA

She leads him to Sava’s grave where he manages to take the stake out of the coffin and impale her. The story revolves around the 19th century Serbian village of “Zaroshje” that is plagued by the vampire “Sava Savanovic” who has been systematically killing anyone who fiom charge of the flour mill situated in the woods outside the village.

But her dad keeps intervening to stifle their love. There are only three chiller scenes, but even those three are too much. Vule has his throat ripped out.

Leptirica – Yugoslavia, 1973

Leptirica also known under the correct but an ugly English translation The She-Butterfly is a TV film which is famous for being one of the first Yugoslavian horror films. He is sometimes referred to as the Serbian Gogol. Definitely recomended if you are a fan of old school horror. Falling for Radojka, Strahinja asks for her hand in marriage.

And they are obviously done by a person. The villagers fear a vampire is at work here.

Sava Savanović

Like when you’re alone in a creepy and dark place, with a long way to home, that you know you have to cross- where staying or turning back is even greater fear It is shot in a beautiful countryside whose inhabitants are puzzled and shocked by the murders of five millworkers.

I really liked pretty much everything about this film One of the movies that everyone knows, but no one have. One of the things I regret the most in my life is the fact that I didn’t see this TV-drama film when everybody else in my generation saw it.

Meanwhile on the other side of the village a poor young man Strahinja is in love with Radojka played by the hauntingly beautiful Mirjana Nikolic the daughter of the local landowner Zivan. Retrieved 2 December Fully expecting him to be hogor by the morning the council is astonished to find him still alive and decide to locate and destroy the grave of the vampire Sava Savanovic. Meanwhile, a poor, jobless young man has been wooing her in her maiden form.


This part wasn’t really explained, but it seemed important for them to catch the moth. In the end I have to say that it’s an interesting film because it’s a different take on the vampire theme.

Leptirica – WikiVividly

Effects rudimentary, but kind of convincing. Actors and camera is excellent, and the pace is very good. His greatest work would be “Life of Karadjordje” but Leptirica remains his most famous work. It’s not filmed like a TV movie.

Leptirica has it in spades. I came across this film completely by chance. Again, I am not sure of the details of what we are supposed to assume how the moth was used or what it represented, but it lead to an amazing climax.

The film never drags or loses momentum. The millers are turning up dead, and the community is faced with starvation. There are no reviews yet. Its constant tension can be compared only with a David Lynch film, or perhaps a Stanley Kubrick film. The fikm IS crazy. Radojka opens aavanovic eyes and transforms into a disgusting hairy creature which climbs onto Strahinja’s neck while he is trying to run away.

And then there is the one obvious question — if anyone who goes into the mill doesn’t come out alive, why go into it? I call it a savanovix folk-horror. Everything seems to be going fine until he goes to consummate the marriage; at which point he discovers a gaping hole in her stomach Until copies surfaced a few years ago, it was pretty much unknown noror of the Balkan states, if you enjoy films like Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, this is for you.