At this point I am sad but not surprised.. Kahi Unkahi This drama makes a strong comment about the class difference in Pakistani society. Ash I always liked reading your comments throughout SEZ,almost agreed with everything you said. You met Haisam Hussain?! I apologized to them times for disrupting their work but did it anyway! Maybe they should just stop adapting novels like someone mentioned.

Humility is Falak realising that as long as she was only thinking of materialistic things and wrapping herself up in ego and pride, she would remain khali haath. I absolutely love Sarmad as a director. Kankar Kankar was a socially relevant drama that dealt with the problem of domestic violence. We all learned so much along the way, and hopefully we can hold on to the messages conveyed through SeZ, to become better individuals. But the way it transpired here, I guess it made sense within the context of the story. Her plans go awry quickly and she is left on a crossroad. And too many dialogues that goes straight to heart Qabrastan fascinate hony ki jaga nh hoti wala …………. I dont exactally remember the details but there was a public fued between sarmad and farhat too on her page.

And nani without Samina Hsehr Life is not a bed of roses for anyone but Falak was one of the lucky ones who persevered and did not get lost along the way. Annie you are no doubt one of them. So much fun reading all these posts Afia thanks to you too for sharing dezi posts are so fun.

One of the most difficult stages in one life to attain, one that we all are so far from but hopefully we can take a lot of away from this drama and help ourselves find the beloved. I love that about this blog. Here, the traveler must be roused from apathy to renounce inner and outer attachments so that he can become self-sufficient.

She was the perfect Mummy! There was not a single interesting call and Momina gave zero credit to Sarmad,maybe she was angry at him for not coming or whatever but a good friendship seemingly i guess zaaat come to end.

I — infatuation, imagery. The family wanted Umar to marry tasnan girl, Shifa, and thus her life in this household becomes quite difficult. Annie ET had very funny post about Humsafar when it only aried eight episodes by some Arbia i guess who was a journalist.


Shehr-e Zaat – Episode 19 – Finale Review – Desi Rants N Raves

Everything is just being wonderful and classy about SeZ. What a thoughtful comment! Saman’s greed to get more and manipulating people along the way leads to her downfall, while Aiman, who has been a sufferer all her life finds contentment with her dsi. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Love reading all tsahan stories and have to agree with you, how can one not rem SZ and her reviews, i think isliye OKB was lurking, he wants a SZ review.

Giving the way it is supposed to be done, the way Falak understood giving. Here goes the first set:. Momina did say something right at the end just before the credits but like the show it was lack luster Like Like. Shehr-e-Zaat Falak Mahira Khan has had a wpisode life and has never been denied anything.

Humility — the realisation that whatever we think we are, there are situations outside our control — situations that shake us out of our comfort zone, situations that we can only face and come out of, with His help.

Umera Ahmed never leaves a chance for me to admire her. What I loved was that we were left with visuals of Falak making clay figures with her daughter.

Shehr e Zaat Episode 18 in High Quality – 26th october 2012(2)

I am not very familiar with these stories and poetry you seem to so efforlesslly post and explain this drama, but they seem very apt for the explanation of this drama, and keeps me reading and enjoying! Allah gives us all success and talent as and I really think that too is a test ,how we treat others is a test. A — or it could have been ET the alien!

They should have raised the issue when sjehr was brought zaah first a few episodes ago. Kankar was a socially relevant drama that dealt with the problem of domestic violence. The way cesi feels far happier after giving away compared to when she owned all those things, her dessi demeanour when she understands how kind God has been to her and how complaining she has been… Gratitude for the real things in life — good health, loving family, concerned friends, for having the ability physically and monetarily to help others… Falak, you have taught us to be grateful and generous in ways that really matter… Like Like.


The fashan of SEZ is not that unusual ,it was Sarmad creative vision that made it rise above the ordinary. Agree also on the importance of showing Falak working on arts and crafts with her daughter — very important message, very subtly reinforced. I think you said it all Annie.

Thank you also for your very kind words — much appreciated! I taahan that they should not have made this public and sorted out it behind closed doors. I especially liked this last review and had never heard of the birds story before.

Thakan Sadaf Saba Qamar has worked tirelessly for years to support her family and being the only earning member, she copes with distasteful experiences at work.

BOL Drama | Shehr-e-Zaat – Episode 19

Well, you know what i mean. I for one am in search of zaat and that content feeling Falak is now living! Embedded with layers of meaning and so many literal and visual connotations, this one challenged us out of our stupor and compelled us to pause, think, reflect and re-visit — concepts that we taxhan if ever associate with what is dished out as entertainment these days.

And giving without being conscious about it, without keeping count, without any expectations in return. Falak having so much grace and contentment on her face meeting with Salman showed that she has moved on.

Fariha there was the dialogue chezain be haya nahi hoti, it was not written by Umera check my first comment on the top of this page and the discussion underneath. Mahira, So good to hear from you. So as long as we thought the dialogue is by was by Umera we were supposed to love it now we are supposed to hate it is the on the first thought and hate Sarmad?