He has a meeting with Kapil Dev that he cannot avoid, so he tries to do the interview at the pediatrician’s office. Sumit pretends to be having a pain in his leg when Jasbir puts him in the rival team. The neighbors come to Sumit and Maya’s house to discuss the issues and Dolly walks into it. Maya is annoyed with Sumit’s boring wish list. Sumit forgets his speech. The Walias celebrate Avi’s birthday. Later, he asks for Dolly, Jasbir, Maya and Rajnish’s feedback. However, they find out about Sumit’s plan and confront him.

Maya allows Sumit to go with Rajneesh for patrolling. Maya decides to fire Chanda. Kapil refuses to be interviewed at the clinic. Sumit is excited about his work trip to London, but is upset when the trip is cancelled. Maya is upset with Sumit for complaining to Jasbir and Dolly about her. When Dolly’s cholesterol is close to the danger zone, she decides to cook a fat free dinner for the whole family. Eventually, Sumit quits and Rajneesh joins the opposing team and wins the game for them. They get very upset and Sumit feels guilty.

Maya introduces Sumit to their new sujit, Chanda. Maya goes out for a movie and leaves her kids in Sumit’s care. Dolly and Maya ask Sumit to meet Rajneesh, who introduces his neighbour, Preeti to him.

Sumit tries to calm Maya. Maya and Sumit learn that the test was a hoax. Dolly is upset with Maya for lying to her about Simran. Sumit reminds Maya about her wish to live with his parents, a few years ago. Aliya is having trouble listening and is becoming very stubborn, so Sumit and Maya take a parenting class. Sumit is attracted to a waitress at Jeto’s and Maya finds out about the so-called “attraction” after Sumit accidentally leaves his wallet at the restaurant.


Rajneesh tells Sumit that Jasbir has hit a police jeep.

Sumit Sambhal Lega Season 1 Episode 79

Sumit gets Wambhal checkup done. Rajneesh tries to stop Jasbir from eating. Later, he tries to make things right between Dolly and Minti. Kapil Dev as himself.

Sumit Sambhal Lega – Kapil Dev’s Experience in the show

Sumit gets annoyed when Jasbir-Dolly pick a fight with each other. Dolly expresses her love for the family.

Dolly asks Sumit and Maya to attend the kitty party at her house. Maya is annoyed with Sumit’s boring wish list.

Rajneesh Squeals on Jasbir, Sumit

Rajneesh asks Sumit to accompany him for patrolling. Dolly tells Sumit about her and Jasbir’s medical reports.

When Sumit confronts Jasbir about a bat signed by Sachin TendulkarJasbir admits that it is a fake and that he signed it himself. He steals the ring from Maya, but later, learns that she had replaced the diamond with an original one. There he discovers that he forgot to bring Avi, whom Rajneesh brings. Maya and Sumit tell Dolly about the pest control at their house. Maya is jealous when Mrs Mathur praises the Walias. Sumit still feels guilty and goes to the temple. When Maya wants to be alone on her birthday, and Sumit’s family wants to have a party, he tries to come up with a epjsode to make everyone happy, but it ends up in a mess.


Add Image S1, Ep9. Maya allows Sumit to go with Rajneesh for patrolling. It does not go very well. Add Image S1, Ep5. Rajneesh confronts Sumit for making fun of him. Sumit fails to convince Dolly to let go.

At home, he starts to mess the house and Rajneesh and Jasbir come over a eipsode more, Maya asks him to go back to the office. Eventually, Sumit quits and Rajneesh joins the opposing team and wins the game for them. Sumit involves his parents and gets everyone upset.

Maya is upset with Sumit’s family’s invasive behavior, especially the awful Mother. Sumit confronts Maya for dancing with his friend at the reunion party.

However, he finds Sumit eating at a restaurant. Maya decides not to send her children with Jasbir as he is a rash driver. Jasbir and Dolly decide to get Avi tonsured, but Maya refuses.