Then they removed the handcuffs and left me there while they drove away. Lidri describes what happened next:. Brigadier abou el-Hassan and officer Kamouri have been transferred from El-Ayoun since the period covered by this report; officer Annouche reportedly remains on the job in that city. Asfari’s father, Abdi Asfari of Tantan, is an ex-“disappeared,” having been abducted by Moroccan agents and held without trial at a secret place of detention from to The Appeals Court on July 10, upheld the verdict and the eight-month sentence for Jinhaoui and reduced the sentences to four months for the remaining eight, including edh-Dhaya. The court convicted the seven activists of inciting and participating in violent demonstrations, on the basis of their statements to the police. Policemen placed the two men next to each other while insulting them. Ech-Cherif el-Kouri, of El-Ayoun, brother of the activist Aminatou Haidar, filed a complaint stating that police intercepted him as he was driving to the demonstration, put him in their car and beat him as they drove to the police station.

Sahrawi activists today denounce Moroccan rule of the contested region, and form associations, albeit unrecognized ones, to expose Moroccan human rights abuses and advocate their pro-independence views. At trial, the defendants denied the contents of their police statements, saying they had engaged in no violent activity and had no connection to the Molotov cocktails, according to defense lawyer Bazaid Lahmad. Their responses are quoted throughout this report and reproduced in large part as an appendix. At the April 21 hearing, the alleged victim and a bystander who said he saw the incident testified. Human Rights Watch has no information to suggest that any of them has been held accountable for abuses committed against residents of El-Ayoun. We selected the refugees for interviews through referrals by Sahrawis living in Western Sahara, foreign workers living in the camps, journalists who had visited the camps, and through referrals by camp residents themselves.

Instead, the court notes that maroxain it comes to the commission of crimes [ jinayat ], the Code of Criminal Procedure treats statements recorded by the judicial police “as mere documents and pieces of information that are not to be taken into account kwbch there is additional evidence corroborating them.

There were, however, indirect pressures on our work. The court convicted Asfari on January 15, on the basis of statements made by police officers who had been at the checkpoint, on charges of disrespecting a public agent and destroying public property a reference to furniture purportedly damaged during the incident. Moroccan authorities use the wide discretion that the law affords them to forbid and to disperse political demonstrations as “likely to disturb the public order.

Police Chief Ichi abou el-Hassan was on the scene directing the operations, according to both Dailal and Djimi; the provincial security chief the “security wali ” was also present. This report is in two parts.


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Those who have left the camps for Western Sahara, however, uniformly said that they kept fklm ultimate destination secret, fearing that the Polisario might prevent them from traveling if it became known. Fuchsia Flowers Wallpapers Hd Pictures.

Lacking evidence in the file that would corroborate the defendants’ “confessions” to the police, the court lowered ttelecharger evidentiary threshold by downgrading the charge from a crime — an arson attack Article — to a misdemeanor assault on a public agent Article One of the causes of the human rights violations described in this report is Moroccan legislation prohibiting attacks on the kingdom’s markcain integrity.

That confrontation launched a cycle of pro-independence demonstrations, sit-ins and clashes with the police that lasted through much of and that spread from El-Ayoun to other cities in Western Sahara and to Sahrawi students enrolled at Moroccan universities. The focus of police questioning when they have held Iguilid showed that these detentions were prompted by his human rights activism.

The as-Sah—al-Boussati case exemplifies the scenario described above by lawyer Bazaid Lahmad. This argument is true only up to a point. In response to a letter requesting information about the case, [] the Moroccan embassy in Washington replied to Human Rights Watch on February Human Rights Watch takes no position on independence for Western Sahara, or on Kabdh proposal for autonomy for the territory under its sovereignty.

Dahlia Flower Hd Wallpapers. There being no institutions of higher education in Western Sahara, Sahrawis from that region attend university in cities such as Marrakesh, Rabat, and Agadir. The US also conditions a small amount of military aid to Morocco on respect for human rights in Western Sahara.

Abuses committed by Morocco can in no way justify or mitigate abuses committed by the Polisario, or vice versa. That council has a Human Rights, Democratization, and Governance subcommittee that has met three times.

All of these investigations were still ongoing, according to the letter. Westerners must obtain entry visas to Algeria, which the government does not readily grant unless the Polisario endorses the application.

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While they do not recognize Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, two close and powerful allies and providers of aid, the United States and France, vocally support Morocco’s autonomy plan as a basis for negotiations to resolve the conflict. The main trial session was an hour-long hearing that began on December 13, and ended at 4 a. It has for example granted legal recognition to one small Moroccan political party, the Democratic Way en-Nahj ed-Dimuqrati whose platform includes allowing the Sahrawi people to vote on the option of independence.


Inside the camps, Human Rights Watch did not observe an Algerian security presence; several informants said there was none. Here is the track list for Ihab Amir Mp3 we may collect and you can listen to and download.

On June 16 an appeals court upheld the verdict and sentence. However, our main framework is that of international human rights law.

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Allow the right of peaceful assembly to all persons, including advocates of Sahrawi self-determination, in accordance with Article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Foreign observers attend many of the high-profile trials and generally encounter few obstacles when they do so. When I tried to refuse, they slapped me on my neck. While we found many Sahrawis eager to testify about abuses they had allegedly suffered, we also encountered or heard about others who declined to provide us information, explaining that they feared reprisal by the authorities.

This section also looks at Moroccan laws and how authorities apply them toward Sahrawi activism. They frightened his wife and children, he said, but did not break or take anything. They should do so by, among other things, giving effect to suspects’ right under Moroccan law to demand medical examinations to kanch for evidence of mistreatment and rejecting as evidence any statement that is established to have been made as a result of torture.

Top 10 Beautiful Flower Wallpapers Hd. He complied with defense requests to hear witnesses who undermined the prosecution’s case, and he conducted the proceedings in the presence of several foreign observers. The EU, which recently upgraded its already good relations with Morocco, should also keep the situation in Western Sahara central to its human rights dialogue with its southern partner.

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Neymar All Hairstyles With Hd. He said that in the days before the vote, police were stationed outside his house and, maroacin the afternoon of September 4, police, led by officer Abdelaziz Annouche, conducted a search of his house when his wl and children were there but he was absent.

In fact, Sahrawi human rights activists in El-Ayoun informed Human Rights Watch that the police often used these warrants avis de recherchewhich the prosecutor issues, as a means to harass activists by detaining them at will for brief periods, and then releasing them without any formal charges.