Pedagogical University of Cracow: Morocco as a case study. Three Muslim women share their stories of sexual assault and, in a deeply personal way, they challenge the s gma that has long suppressed the voice of survivors. Pre i re ent, la coop ra on en M diterran e, avec une a en on par culi re la colla ora on croissante entre l Andalousie et le Maroc en tant u a e de ase. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan: East and North Africa, but also to become a forum where ideas and experiences are shared and exchanged. Edwing Mellen Press Ltd: Youth i the Middle East a d North Afri a.

The daughter and her mom walked in the forest one day looking for a bird -Thasakoorth- that belongs to an abusive father. B ill Founded in , Brill is an academic publishing house with a rich history and a strong interna onal focus. We would like to thank all the people who has sent us proposals and we hope this Fes val will be useful to move forward with dialogue and peace between people. University of New Hampshire. Kamel Laazar Founda on: The expansion of radical versions of Islam in the Middle East and beyond. University of California Davis: The Arabic press in the 19th C:

United Arab Emirates University: From to The interaction of the religious communities of Al-Andalus and the transfer of knowledge to Europe.

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Observatoire Universitaire interna onal du Sahara Occidental. Syrian refugee families in Jordan – Case study. Sevilla Tourism Board Tourist Point. What is really new about the Ihoi era for Arab and Muslim Americans? A mul disciplinary approach. Kahina collected her baby brother and the remains of her mom and decided to leave the scene towards a new reality.


Evidence in manuscripts of the Gospel of John. University of Michigan Dearborn: The poli cs of student ac vism in the Arab world: Lebanese sovereignty and poe cs of resistance. Social, political and economic visions of contemporary Iran.

It has visited a number of important centres and ins tu ons on an extensive i nerary: The impact of urban development and planning. For all those a ending the Congress, I hope your work during these days is frui ul and enriching.

Insights into migration from and to the Middle East. Pedagogical University of Cracow: We would like to thank all the people who has sent us proposals and we hope this Fes val will be useful to move forward with dialogue and peace between people. Ins tut Na onal du Patrimoine: Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University: Friday 20th July The staging of politics in the MENA region.

Syrian refugee policies in Europe and the Middle East. Cultural engagements across the Middle East. University of O awa: Political organization in the era of ideological fatigue: Euromediterranean Anna Lindh Founda on.

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And that this Congress, through the academic excellence of its par cipants, will become a privileged space for analysing and discussing the very diverse topics under considera on, and consequently help further knowledge about the problems as well as the opportuni es and solu ons for a complex region that nevertheless has huge poten al, which must be emphasised.

Migrants and refugees in the Middle East, Europe and beyond. Doha ins tute for Graduate Studies: The modern world is perceived nowadays from the standpoint of globalisa on, in the awareness that prosperity lies in that understanding, also for the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Reform in the context of colonial ja.


Ins tute for Women. Social and political views on a changing society.

PA, Film Fes val. How to deradicalize Arab and Muslim cyber-narratives?

Women lead an evolutionary revolution in ihji Middle East. But we had no doubts about going ahead, because a Congress of such characteris cs coincides with one of the main objec ves stemming from our mission, which is none other than promo ng understanding, peace and coexistence among the various peoples and cultures of our Mare Nostrum.

Second Vice-President of the Founda on. Every case presented by cahrazad is a reflection on the skewed social system that is reluctant to address the issues that plague many of its members and she gathers enough strength to refuse to take it lying down any longer. Compara ve lessons from the Middle East.

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Chaos, This Is Social jus ce and transi on. University of East Anglia: President of Region Development Agency of Morocco. The early Phoenician coloniza on in the Western Mediterranean. Hassan II University of Casablanca: Between con nuity and transforma on.