DayDreamer February 14, at 7: And may be I’m in the minority, but I do think the music of the drama is very good. Harsh windy winter conditions. It is difficult to get that house out of my mind. Retrieved February 12, He’s been away for too long lol. SH February 14, at 6:

And then I couldn’t help noticing that Kibum I loved him in Padam Padam and Eunji Reply were going to be in this, and I became curios and say to myself “Well, I will watch the first episode That Winter, the Wind Blows Hangul: I love how the characters are more complex than meets the eye. Retrieved April 6, Sheesh February 15, at 6: It is intriguing how the writernim make it different from the past drama. Retrieved December 27, We find Soo playing a high-stakes game of poker, and his winning hand sparks the temper of a sore loser.

This show has a strange melancholy feel to it that I find intriguing and I’m looking forward to more. I think it’s supposed to be 7. Retrieved March 13, The bright spot in this show for me is definitely Kim Bum. And believe me, there IS plenty to watch with so many good lookin’ heroes- yes! Anyeong from England, UK! I Love this movie Retrieved March 22, Maybe you’ll like this better instead.

Normally, in several dramas I tend to fast-forward some of the secondary characters’ scenes but here I was invested. I’ve seen the Korean movie version of this drama Love Me Not and all three episodes that have been aired so far; the drama is certainly following well with the movie version and has managed to capture half of what happened in the movie.


I needed that this morning!! Kim Bum– gooderama too cute here. Oh Young is a lonely heiress who lives alone, after her parents got divorced and she finds herself becoming visually impaired.


All the makjang elements are there. It goes with the extra make-up and extra ugly wardrobe they put him in.

He leads a goal-less life as a high-stakes gambler with a Song said about her role as a blind woman, “Because my character cannot see, I am unable to make eye contact with In-sung and can only see how it plays out when I monitor the scenes afterwards. The story is going so well for me that I feel I have the drama I needed since Nice Guy, the tension, te strong characters that doesn’t need to cry every 10 minutes.

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Glad you’re going to give it a try. Episodes by odilettante. And may be I’m in the minority, but I do think the music of the drama is very good. This show is just too purty. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Jin-sung picks him up and regales him with tales of his quest to get revenge on the club owner Soo never embezzled from, which resulted in a dislocated shoulder, broken legs, and two missing teeth.

Actually I never liked Jo In-sung so much, but he fit well in this role…but there are two things I didn’t like.


Ah, ok that makes more sense. Jo In Sung is killing his role here. Thank you for clarifying: This marked Jo In-sung ‘s first television series in eight years since Spring Day in[27] as well as his first acting project since being discharged from mandatory military service. Jo In-Sung is not everyone’s cup of tea – he’s more of an old-fashioned actor, really. Jung Eun Ji–still awesome. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: If that’s the only flaw of the drama in the end, I can deal with that.

Also glad you are recapping, heads.

Well done to the producers. I hated the movie. If that makes any sense at all. Song joined the effort at Seo’s suggestion in Novembernoting that her role as a blind woman helped her better understand the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities.

A melodrama about a man and a blind woman, who don’t believe in love. The two learn the true meaning of love after meeting each other. He’s super famous, but yet I’ve never seen anything he has been in. Episoxe totally didn’t notice this! Winter is Here to Stay”.