The children then receive Transtector vehicles-Cab a fire truck, Shuta a police car, and Minerva an ambulance-that they are able to drive using the Masterforce. However, Chris recovers and intervenes, freeing Mary and allowing the Autobots to fight back and make their escape. Meanwhile Hydra and Buster have been tasked with eliminating the autobot-godmasters, starting with Lightfoot: They make their stand at a British-motors building and Ginrai once again transforms into Super-Ginrai, forcing the destrons to call the seacons for backup, but it didn’t matter as Super-Ginrai again bests King Poseidon. The passengers of the first flight then appear in Rome as Destroids, attacking the city and causing havoc, which prompts the Autobots to travel there and use anesthesia to knock them out. Turns out Ranger too is a godmaster, though he is less than convinced about it until the decepticon H. The Destrons and their headmaster-juniors are summoned to the hideout of the godmasters a kind of modified version of headmasters who turn into engines rather than heads. Destroy the Cybertron Base!!

During the fight Ginrai blows BlackZarak’s head off, but it doesn’t kill him: Minerva is forced to overcome her fear of fighting when the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors cause chaos as they seek revenge on a motorcycle gang from Wilder’s past. Turns out the Decepticons did cause the massive disaster but it was an accident. BotCon Fun Publications Transformers: Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Japanese-language text. With no way to communicate Grand heads to the moon, saving Ginrai in the nick of time. Showdown in the Wasteland Episode 7 Panic!

Transformers: Choujin Master Force Episode 29

The Autobots now including Lightfoot and decepticons head to the Canadian Transformsrs where the rest of the godmasters could be. Ginrai rips off BlackZarak’s cannon and tricked him into hurting himself, but BlackZarak turns it around and buries Ginrai in an avalanche, but Ginrai wasn’t down yet: The autobots are then hailed as heroes.

Sixnight reveals that he has beaten the best-opponents across the universe and Ginrai was next, though he prefers to do transfoemers honorably and thus doesn’t take kindly to Blood trying to hold Minerva hostage to gain an advantage though he was impressed by Ginrai’s compassion for humanity. Skip to content The episode begins, gentle reader, with a city dealing with a volcano. Sixknight the Wanderer “. The other autobots are awestruck at Ginrai’s new look and dub it “Super-Ginrai”.


Episode 25 Will the Bomber Project be Destroyed!? The decepticons fallback into the base with the autobots fallowing, where Devil Z reveals himself and merges with BlackZarak and traps them all along with Wilder and Bullhorn in a subterranean cavern under the seabed.

Once that was cleared up the dual continued, with Sixnight revealing he does not have three alternate-modes, but six, but even so it was Ginrai who emerges victorious and Sixnight is left stunned at the fact that Ginrai was really a human.

Ginrai discovers three more pairs of bracelets in his transtector and notifies the autobots, with Hawk requesting Ginrai to bring them over. While the project was safe, time wasn’t on the autobot’s side as Phoenix reports about Overlord on the moon.

Ever see the movie The Mist? Grand then pursues him while Ginrai heads back home to an awaiting celebration.

You Too Use the Masterforce to Transform

Although the base was destroyed, Clouder, sickened at his own selfishness, casts off his alliance with the Decepticons in favor of the Autobots, on purpose this time, and leaves on good terms.

The others manage to episove them out, and Shuta’s father dies after handing him a mysterious key, having agreed with Metalhawk that “the time has come to use them ” without disclosing what he is referring to.

Hydra and Buster have come to the belief that their human-physiologies are preventing them from achieving victory and so ask Devil Z to give them more transformer-esque bodies, who does, much to Giga and Mega’s horror. Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Luckily at least one doctor, Dado, got away and directs the godmaster-autobots where to free the rest.

The Decepticons meanwhile have set up in the Amazon rainforest. I would be interested in seeing that in robot form. The battle between Bikers and Decepticon Headmasters begins, and the thugs are quickly overpowered by the suit-equipped youngsters, who are operating under orders from the Decepticon Pretenders to inspire others to seek membership in the Decepticon ranks.


You Too Use the Masterforce to Transform – Transformers Wiki

The villains leave a Seawing to deal with Shuta and close in on Minerva and Cab, and their cruelty tarnsformers Minerva to take action and join the battle. After Road King won the race, he meets Ginrai and sure enough, when Road King tries on the final pair of master-bracelets Lightfoot was right: The story basically tells the efforts of the heroic Autobot forces as they protect the Earth from the Decepticons.

The Day of Human Extinction “. Primes and Matrix holders Female Transformers. Giga then tasks Hydra and Buster to use the deathball on Ginrai, whom Lander tries to recruit, but is turned down. Good plan, do it.

With no communication Ginrai and his squad are unaware of this until Giga and Transforjers personally inform them. The Four Godmaster Gunmen” “Seizoroi! With construction of a new Decepticon weapon occurring in the shadow of the moon, time is against the Autobots as they race into space in an attempt to stop the destruction of all life on Transgormers

But the Autobots solved the problem by blowing up something even bigger. With no way to communicate Grand heads to the moon, saving Ginrai in the nick of time. Cancer was stunned that they would rescue him, but Ginrai states he shares something with the autobots: As the autobot juniors and Metalhawk deal with King Poseidon, Ginrai and Grand rescue their fellow godmasters, and Ginrai attempts to join the battle with Poseidon, but Hydra and Buster beg to differ.

Not much of a battle but they sure seem pinned down. During the battle Lightfoot vengefully rips off Buster’s arm, prompting both villains to fallback, though not before destroying Leftfoot’s factory. Takao YoshizawaAtsutoshi Umezawa.

I thought he controlled them? Ginrai manages to best Hydra and Buster, but it wasn’t over yet, as proven when Overlord arrives