That is a pretty damn evil decision. Hydra claims they are now more powerful than even Godmasters. Transformers Devastation vs Transformers 80’s. What is My Phone Number. While Road-King, Ranger and Lightfoot keep the Destrons busy, Ginrai sneaks pass to free the doctors, but couldn’t exactly save all of them at once: While some humans do so including friends of Ginrai , Ginrai’s client Sam defends him, and Ginrai wants Hydra and Buster’s heads for their web-of-lies.

Destroy the Autobot Base!! A confrontation between him and the Decepticons soon ensues, with the outnumbered Metalhawk faring poorly and Shuta ending up being captured and held hostage. The Day of the Downfall of Humanity” “Kiki! The three hurry their way out, saving Clouder and after Godbomber helps Ginrai defeat Overlord, all escape including Browning , complete with the knowledge of the decepticon base’s location. A fifth godmaster has surfaced and his name is Clouder who initially sides with the Decepticons and his transector is a replica of Doubledealer. Things go south when Buster holds Minerva at gunpoint, but to everyone’s surprise Cancer saves her though he claims it’s payback for a drink she offered him , but nevertheless joins his allies in retreat. Lightffoot and the autobot H.

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The Destrons start building an army of zombies by stealing corpses from medical universities and imbuing them with evil energy from the Destron leader, Devil Z. The rest of them… stay pinned down. The Headmastersto replace the fourth and final US season and to carry out the story concepts begun in The Transformers: How can I tell? God Ginrai is cartoon-injured which means he just has some smokey lines drawn on him.

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Our ping pong scores have never been higher. As BlackZarak’s Devil Power throws America into chaos, Overlord seeks to prove the mastergorce of the flesh to Devil Z, and he engages Ginrai in their final, decisive confrontation.

He arrives at the Decepticon’s base and defeats King Poseidon in a test of power, though he unwittingly endangered a cruise-ship as well. Attempting to track down new leads on the location of the remaining Godmasters, the Autobots venture into the Rocky Mountains, where they cross paths with a forest patrolman named Ranger, but Minerva suspects that he is working with the Decepticons!


It’s the Autobots to the rescue when the Decepticons cause animals to stampede in Africa in a scheme to destabilize the balance of nature! Where they got couches and drinks in the middle of the jungle, I cannot say.

Ginrai discovers three more pairs of bracelets in his transtector and notifies the autobots, with Hawk requesting Ginrai to bring them over. Suddenly, help comes from an unlikely place: Cancer is a total pussy. The stewardess aboard the flight turns into a Destroid as well and tries to take over the flight, but Shuta and Cab manage to subdue her after a considerable struggle and the Autobots save the plane after defeating Bomb-Burst and his Seawing drones.

The autobots though speed on over: Do you want to remove all your recent searches? Clouder and Cancer were allowed to tag-along, though everyone was concerned how the Decepticons would react to their betrayals.

The autobots have gained another member. Upon arrival Minerva catches sight of a patrolmen named Ranger socializing trnsformers the decepticon-headmaster-junior Bullhorn and becomes concerned of it. Episode 12 A Strange Friendship: BotCon Fun Publications Transformers: Some of the content on this site are sponsored posts for which we have been compensated.

The command goes out for the Decepticons to utterly destroy Ginrai, and he inadvertently makes himself easy to find when he appears on television searching for the remaining Godmasters! Showdown in the Wasteland Episode 7 Panic! Road King is the fourth godmaster and his car is a transector resembling Slapdashbut the moment was cut short when Ranger informs that the decepticon H. 93 look into the birth of Godbomber.

Little Devils with No Need for Rules! We really only focus on one, which looks like a generic New York, but then….

Lightfoot, upon seeing this radios Ginrai to come over as soon as possible. Ricky, unable to shoot at the elephants like with the adult fawns, is willing to give himself up to stop the elephants. Factoryit does not contain the English dub. Even though the race was canceled no lives were lost, but Hawk fears what other surprises the decepticons have in store for them.


Even with Turtler and a group of seacons backing-up the decepticon-juniors, the autobots had the number-advantage and they are forced to retreat. They appeared a couple episodes ago and were destroyed within seconds but apparently they are drones like the Seacons this season and past Decepticon drones like Insecticons and Sweeps.

Even Lord Giga and Lady Mega are pretty shocked by this development. Regardless Cancer does admit that there are four more godmasters still out there.

The Decepticons soon flee again, and the Autobots move forward with Metalhawk confident that his young friends can learn to become great heroes. Glowing pink stuff attack. Episode 26 God Ginrai – Into the Sky!! With Ginrai out of commission, the Decepticons initiate an all-out attack on the Bomber Project. Transformers Devastation vs Transformers 80’s. Similarly Minerva can’t stop thinking of Cancer, even remarking that Ranger’s horse has similar eyes to Cancer’s.

Monday, February 18th, Ginrai struggles to get out of the truck and in doing so activates the bracelets, gains a battle-suit and the truck transforms into an exact image of Optimus-Prime with Ginrai becoming the engine-component. Meanwhile, the Autobots are hanging out on teansformers island or other, using Grand Maximus as their base of operations.

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Sixnight was intending to let them live anyway and with that bids farewell to the autobots, tansformers to meet again. Minerva also managed to nurse the fawn back to health, who happily gallops into the sunset. The truck however starts to malfunction and drives itself off a cliff, and even worse, Hydra and Buster have arrived.

Lightffoot and the autobot H. He believes they always lose because they are weak.