Abrams, ; Jean-Paul Caracalla, Montparnasse. Akademie Verlag, ; ; met dank aan de auteur, die mij de complete tekst van de brief deed toekomen. Staat- en letterkundig nieuwsblad , 13 februari Het is onduidelijk waar de Engelse kunsthistoricus zich op baseert. Maandblad gewijd aan de moderne beeldende vakken en kultuur 2 12 oktober ; Staat- en letterkundig nieuwsblad , 17 en 19 februari De aanleiding was een onaangekondigd bezoek van Wiegand op 14 september aan zijn atelier op East 56th Street, waarbij bleek dat de ramen zowel aan de straatkant als aan de kant van de kleine binnenplaats onverlicht waren. In this story, Ireno Funes, who remembers in full all of his experiences, conceives of an ideal language in which all individual phenomena have their own name.

Oxford University Press; Oxford: Hill and Wang, De these dat Mondriaans oogmerk voortaan bestond uit het oproepen van een decoratief en dus op welbehagen geconcentreerd effect, doet geen recht aan de zelfstandige kunsthistorische waarde van zijn bloemstudies sedert Annette Lavers New York: When we see a river, we see a flowing, incessant body of water rather than an accumulation of separate molecules, atoms, or quanta. The University of Wisconsin Press, The provisional and finite, to Andre, are two sides of the same realistic and materialistic coin, while the absolute and the infinite belong to an entirely different, idealist, worldview. Sounds in music arguably have less of a representative function than words in traditional literature or shapes in representational visual art.

In order to determine which decisions need to be made in a particular situation for maximum gain, game theorists rely on the existence of traductio patterns and rules that are likely to endure into the future.

The majority of these cultural producers were all but dogmatic and had progressive political views.

Traducfion en Annie Oud-Dinaux, 25 augustus o: The agent Acconci interacted with the spatial, social, and political systems of his environment; sometimes he concentrated solely on the system constituted by himself.

Martina Maria Sam, Walter Kugler eds. When Wilson during his interview with LeWitt reminds the artist that he once wrote that a blind man could make art, LeWitt responds as follows: Maar jong van geest!


Behalve een keer, onomstotelijk, voor een expositie in Nederland: Het originele Nederlandstalige manuscript is niet teruggevonden. Het artikel verscheen nogmaals als: Such an endeavor would furthermore take the focus away from the object of this dissertation: Slijper, 4 januari en enkele ongedateerde brieven uit dat jaar o: His renunciation of representation and emphasis on potentialities and alternate configurations also correspond to probability theory.

While his works welcome museum visitors to vaeel with the checkerboard-like constructions either by standing on top of the squares or by imagining other Ballatore: Oud, 13 mei o: Bremmer, 8 april ; gepubliceerd in: Nabokov in a very different way has also demonstrated an interest in structures, most notably in his novel The Defensein which the chess player Aleksandr Luzhin experiences life as if it were a chess game parolles is addicted to familiar patterns.

The Patoles Writings of Piet Mondrian They are not architectural but you can enter them. El Lissitzky aan J.

Vadel – Drama Queen lyrics + English translation

Der Sieg der Farbe — P. Joris Ivens, Robert Destanque, Aan welke kant en in welk heelal. Every unit comprises two of 12 possible parts, each of which has a square base: Boulez has commented on the absurdity of the total serialization of Trois Structures pour deux pianos: Van Gennep, ; x: Bremmer deel 1: In order to avoid confusion, I do not make these distinctions in this chapter.

This dissertation proposes that the appearance in art of seemingly non-political systems was closely linked not only to modern science and cultural studies, but also to the politics of the turbulent events occurring at that moment in history. The course is not determined or prescribed in advance: Exactly 30 later he said: When accentuating parallels between the works of the above-mentioned men, I will attempt to avoid the perils of undue and superficial comparison by emphasizing distinct and subtle differences.

Drama Queen (English translation)

Yet Andre also pursued doubt and anxiety, and wanted to avoid closed systems and authoritarianism at all costs. Staat- en letterkundig nieuwsblad9 juli Albert Hulshoff Pol woonde in de De Lairessestraat op nummer 12, dus nog dichter bij het Concertgebouw dan Willy Wentholt, op nummer It also shows, however, that LeWitt was not willing to entirely depart from the image of the artist as exceptional and singular figure, able to think up creative ideas of special value. Daarbij heeft hij geen kijk op de architektuur, zooals ik bemerkte.


Rather than making precise descriptions of conditions and phenomena in the universe, quantum mechanics therefore concentrates on calculating probabilities. Mij is het althans niet gelukt, uit zijn groote blokken, in de drie primaire kleuren gehouden, met zwarte en licht-grijze vlakken er tusschen, ook maar eenige schoonheids-aandoening te krijgen.

Oud en Annie Oud-Dinaux, 13 oktober But black is so positive and it has other meanings. Theo van Doesburg aan Antony Kok, 18 september ; opgenomen in: De relatie tussen Mondriaan en Th.

Noten – Mondriaan

The elements are the pieces or the cards. Berenice Art Books, Pierre Boulez, Structure Iadynamics matrices; illustrated in Ligeti: For a discussion of naming, discriminate learning, and a child-like receptive and undiscriminating yielding to experience or the process of the way, see Ames and Hall: This technical tour de force is emulated in the English translation of this book by Gilbert Adair: Maandblad gewijd aan de moderne beeldende vakken en kultuur 3 6 april ; And perhaps that kind of painting was right for the period.

Hudson Hills Press, Dat Mondriaan het ontwerp voor de atelierwoning voor zijn rekening zou hebben genomen, klopt niet.