The Strike of Love and Tears” Transcription: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. The protagonists of Space Sheriff Gavan: So even though she knows, Nossan will think she doesn’t know. Gabutira Ningen ” Japanese:

Claim or contact us about this channel. List of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger characters. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I did like how the roll call had what I will assume will be Nossan’s character song, but why have the theme song play for the fight? Daigo no Dai Pinchi ” Japanese: The Ten Kyoryugers’ Power” Transcription: There were so many brilliantly stupid things in this episode that I loved it to bits.

As expected, Kyoryuger slams its fist down on the reset button pretty hard, with the Deboss army back in full force and still trying to resurrect their cuddly namesake, only properly this time.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Despite their best efforts, the Kyoryugers are unable to prevent Deboss’s resurrection!

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Sadly there teeam as many puns as usual, but Nossan does show what he is made of once more. Nossan had to fight the powered-up Dogold by himself and he was holding rather voltasaru and even when his team came back he still had some highlights.

Oh it’s also the final episode. Kaettekita Purezuon ” Japanese: It’s a shame it squandered much of work put into building genuine interpersonal relationships. Contact us about this article. One of the things I really want to applaud is the way the show has handled the extra rangers.


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Browse the Latest Snapshot. Nossan is set up for a marriage meeting, but finds out he’s dating Haruka Tomatsu! There are a few reasons to watch it though. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Notify me of new posts via email. I wasn’t expecting that they somehow made a clone of the crab monster and had the real one be near the sun.

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Combined with her always great vocal performance this was a really standout episode for the character, and makes me hope that a We see more of her in human form and b That both she and Luckiero survive being exploded at the end of the show.

Hey, remember when the show briefly became softcore pornography? It’s not hard to have a slow relaxing song tea, the song for the fight. The Kyoryugers attempt to mop up the remainder of the resurrected monsters, but some old enemies have a episoed to bamboozle them. We’ll miss every single one of you. The End of Silver” Transcription: Claim or contact teamm about this channel. Finally an episode where Daigo doesn’t steal the spotlight! Embed this content in your HTML.

What episoee of bootleg Sentai is this? Popular idol singer Meeko returns to see Daigo, but she brings an unwelcome guest with her Twitter Tumblr Google Facebook Email. Or Luckyero with a mustache. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Episode It’s better than the previous episode thanks to a much better focus on the character and actually having some type of development.

This admittedly very small plot thread shows that Kyoryuger needs surprisingly little to remain engaging. This would be the ultimate power in the Sentai universeCamera mugging alert! The real purpose of this episode was to get the status quo back in order, but with Yayoi returning next week to take voltadaur Endolf, it looks like the filler is not going to stay around for much longer.


How Nossan is portrayed in this episode is like how he was usually. Characters Episodes Go-Busters vs. I do see myself to act older than my actual age most of the times as I really can be putting too much effort in my work. Overall as an episode for the series it’s volttasaur.

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Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Returns: Why go through the effort of throwing a half-decent concert when can hypnotise your victims anyways? Right when the Kyoryugers think the Deboss army has been defeated for good, Luckyero strikes them where they cannot fight back.

The Kyoryugers are forced to split up and confront each threat separately. In other words, it is not for the five-to-ten-year old target audience that all the girls with speaking parts in Kyoryuger are gorgeous idols with epsiode […] [Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger – 27 [AA18E].

The Ghost Deboth Army” Transcription: