The Second Combustion dir. The Great Gatsby, while a bit silly, was fun and at least the new management of the Gate are trying something new. Anti-Social Media Videodrome dir. The Lathe of Heaven dir. Why was the drop dead date for TV space is a puzzle. Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex dir.

The Man Who Fell to Earth dir. Steven Kostanski Mardock Scramble: On Photographer Edward Burtynsky. Michael Tucker, Petra Epperlein The Adjustment Bureau dir. Dunboyne hung on for a one point win in a game that hung in the balance until the final whistle – cue massive celebrations and outpouring of emotion. Science Fact and Fiction. Based on novel by Kurt Vonnegut.

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Anyway, the absolute highlight for me in was the Belle and Sebastian 22014 in Iveagh Gardens – made all the better of course because we were there with Dave and Richenda, but imagine this- I ended up on the stage for ‘The Boy with the arab strap’ and ‘Legal Man’! John Cameron Mitchell, from his musical.

From the Future with Love dir. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank dir. A music-head work buddy recently asked me what I was epiisode to that as making me so happy, and laughed when I said ‘misanthropic sludgecore’ – he thought I was just making something up at first!

It’s my ‘new’ go-to chillout album, check it out! The new album is great, very chilled summer night-sounding Enemy of the State dir. Invasion of the Body Snatchers dir. Other than that it’s been wavh great year at work and home. His Foundation series needed a lot of vista, a lot!


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There was a poignant minutes silence for the Manchester victims, less than a week past. From the Michael Crichton novel Social Engineering in the 20th Century dir.

The World, the Flesh and the Devil dir. Kenji Kamiyama Cybornetics dir. The Ultimate Warrior dir. Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The Great Gatsby, while a bit silly, was fun and at least the new management of the Gate are trying something new. Heavier still, my father-in-law and mother-in-law both passed away within about 4 months of each other. The Second Combustion dir. Galasphere is sent to investigate.

Ayn Rand — Objectivism. First time in Connollys and it didn’t disappoint.

(May 20, ) More wooden acting (The British show, Space Patrol ) – Galactic Journey

This guy has some history, the only album I’ve heard so far though is Music for Nine Post Cards – it’s beautiful, minimal, sparse, relaxing, transporting, and utterly tasteful.

Save the Green Planet Jigureul jikyeora! Based on novel by Eugene Burdick Based on the Michael Journap novel. The Lathe of Heaven dir. The Last Wave dir. Hijacking Commercial Culture dir. Dublin City Marathon, Oct 31 st.

Cyberpunk Supplemental

The Oil Crash dirs. Vincent, Olympia, Oct 20 thRemember episodr me and Dave said we’d do a gig a month – that didn’t really work out but we both made it to this one and it was a sensation. Stanley Kubrickfrom the Anthony Burgess novel. James Mather, Stephen St. Gilles Deleuze — Postmodernity. Steve Ball Xchange dir. They put out this amazingly angry, energetic, acerbic, UPLIFTING album, disregarding acres of social media backlash from people who weren’t even around for the music 20 years ago and yet thought that a sell-out had occurred journsl that the hallowed name of the band has been damaged in some way – whatever.??


Stuart Gordon from H. Based on Ira Levin. Kathryn Bigelow, co-written by James Cameron Katovich and Patrick T.

The Camden 28 dir. Wells, from his novel. Terry Gilliam Appleseed Alpha dir. Edited by Bruce Sterling short story anthology The Last Woman on Earth dir.

Lars and the Real Girl dir. Body Mod, Trans, Posthuman Gendernauts: The Consequences of Suburbanization dir. Was going to talk about comics some, but am either out of entries or out of sleeping baby time