Passive infrared wall switch occupancy sensor 8 pages. Simply click “Guide On” below to view the site in Help mode. Here you’ll find products here that ONLY match your palette’s application, budget, colors and location. Leave a Comment Need help? All the tools to the left here are tools to manipulate the products on your palette. Not a member yet? You must SAVE your work regularly and before leaving this page. Sch, Sch Color Name:

Passive infrared wall switch occupancy sensors 8 pages. Click on the “Download Specs” icon on the right side of your palette. When clicking on “My Account” you can go to edit your info and settings. The DT is designed for a ceiling height of about feet. Add to my manuals Add. Simply click on the “Save” icon on the right-hand side of your palette.

Page 11 PIR Sensitivity: Enter text from picture: The ideal resolution is at least pixels wide by pixels high.

DT-300 Series – Dual Technology Ceiling Sensors

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DT Series Dual Technology Ceiling Sensors | Legrand

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Line voltage high frequency occupancy sensor 2 pages. Then simply click on the “Create Palette” button at the top of the page. If you’d like to clear all selections, simply hit the “Reset” button.

Ordering Information Auxiliary Relay Pack: Or if a product is on your palette, you can simply click on the “Download Specs”.

WattStopper Dt Ceiling Occupancy Sensor Degrees Coverage | eBay

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WattStopper – DT-300 – 24V DT-300 Series Dual technology Ceiling Sensor, White

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Auto or Low switch setting. You must SAVE your work regularly and before leaving this page.

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This tab is a shortcut back to the palette that you were last working on. We’ll be adding the ability to download a print quality image very soon. Page 2 The DT turns lighting systems on and off based on occupancy.


If you’d like to share your palette via email click on the “Email Palette” icon on the right side of your palette. Multi-way wall switch convertible occupancy sensor 12 pages. Then you can use it to login and then we recommend changing your password to something you can remember. This icon looks like a trash can. With the click of this button you can download an image of your palette to your desktop. Here you can access all the specification sheets for watgstopper the products in your palette Simply click on one to download it to your desktop OR if you need all the specs, click seres first item “Download ZIP of all Specs” FAQs Contact Support.

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