The Life and Art of Jack Pierce – Two good documentaries on the titular figures from Universal Horror history; however, I thought the latter could have benefited from further development. I did find myself less interested in the demon fighting part and just wanting to see this group interact with each other. Instead it seems that they found a house and decided to shoot a movie there before they actually had a script to go with it. Didn’t get into this one too much. Mostly annoying and the movie is boring. Had they shorten and tighten up the script, it might have been one of the best zombie films made. Old 16th Century Salem like time to set the mood. Daniel seems to be doing roles to separate himself as Harry Potter as this movie is filled with sex and nudity.

And certainly better than their Oktoberfest outing last year. And as I have said in seemingly ever other Horror docu review here in the last few year; I think I would have liked this one a lot better if I had never seen Crystal Lake Memories and Never Sleep Again. Also the whole I’m your first kiss, you should have sex with me so the ghost leaves was extremely annoying. I enjoyed both the gang of vampire hunters as well as the gang of mercenaries. The Life and Art of Jack Pierce – Two good documentaries on the titular figures from Universal Horror history; however, I thought the latter could have benefited from further development. It starts out pretty slow and once Arkin gets into the house to do his own personal job, he’s basically walking around one of those new school haunted houses where he finds the victims all over the house as well as random traps.

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But a lot of great off the wall moments and still a few pleasant brutal moments. Don’t Breathe – Tense thriller – though its plot holes become evident when you think about it afterward.


I found characters a little more interesting.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: It was also hard with all the visions Nora Zehetner and even at the end when it was all wwolf, one cannot add all the pieces together. There’s a bit too much movie for the material, though.

There was promise, just no delivery. October 12, Those guys need to get on it with some more stuff! A guilty 80’s pleasure that stands the test of time.

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The Stynes continue their pursuit of the book and Charlie. Pale imitation of the series. This one was less entertaining than the last few. October 4, 8.

Unsettling for sure and rather effective.

Do people with these issues all of a sudden really snap out of their daze? Dean decides to end it all, but must also end Sam to end the whole cycle of brother save brother. For that, I give The Boy a fair amount of credit.

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Ghost Soldier – DVD Origin of Evil – One of those unusual cases where the sequel is an improvement upon the original in this case, a significant improvement. It was, at times, a bit hard vioooz follow at the start to remember all the characters, but once you got it down, it was simple.

It is interesting to note that the lead actresses, Haley Bennett, has gotten herself some really good roles lately with The Magnificent Seven and The Girl on the Train. The comedy still works. He played a drunk to the perfect T and easily stole the scenes, even with Vincent Price as a comedic wine taster.

I have a weird relationship with this movie. Still, it is nice to see a slasher in this day and age so it is worth a look, especially with fll short run time. This one works really well. I am glad it saved those girls though. Everyone was so weird in the 70’s.


Wolf Creek – Season 2

The brothers look into a possible haunting. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein: And I am always looking to see if I can catch things in the corners of the frames that the filmmakers missed.

This is nothing different and it is an interesting story to use Shakespeare’s work to kill people. This one goes back to being more involved in the Mark of Cain story. Leprechaun 4 In Space The original Sam Raimi classic. Wow, that was intense. Yelchin and Defoe bring some added life to this production as well. Horror Comedies Crossover. Frankenstein smoking and drinking was a stretch for me.

Loved Brad Dourif in this. Dracula – Encore Suspense Not bad for a TV movie.

It’s getting a bit gruesomer as the murders increase. A wax museum owner uses dead people as his models. I’m still a bit lost as to why this cult does what it does, but this is just a jumble mess. In fact aside for the location I can’t really think of anything nice to say about this film The last scene is also comical as they got an interview from the Norwegian Prime Minister talking about trolls and with editing, made it easily connected to this film.

As I said last year, not something I would buy in quantity but and excellent pick for a day of the dead party.