English themes Opening Rival Destinies. All for the Love of Meloetta! Iris and the Rogue Dragonite! S15 Episode 5 A Maractus Musical! Una lotta sfavillante nella Palestra di Sciroccopoli! Then There Were Three!! Elesa sends out her Zebstrika. Create Account Forgot Password.

After taking a surprise time out, Ash comes back with Snivy…but with its supereffective Flying-type moves, Emolga quickly takes Snivy down. Then There Were Three!! Report Inappropriate Screen Name Pokemon. Part 2 Jun 14, Ash asks Pikachu to fight, which Pikachu happily accepts. Seeking shelter from a raging rain storm, our heroes enter what appears to be an empty mansion, but what turns out to be anything BUT empty! Palpitoad uses Hydro Pump but Zebstrika dodges using the speed it gained from its Flame Charge attacks. Pikachu tries to dodge but Tynamo disappears.

Tynamo quickly rushes to into Pikachu sending him from the field to the wall. All for the Love of Meloetta! Ash understands and realizes that Pikachu can do “that.

S15 Episode 3 Lost at the Stamp Rally! Stopping the Rage of Legends!

Part 2 Apr 26, At the last second Pikachu dodges Tynamo then quickly retaliates with Iron Tail. Credits Animation Team Kato.

Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain! The referee tells him if he doesn’t choose soon, he’ll have to forfeit. Pikachu unleashes a Thunderbolt on Ash, being so fed up that he hasn’t considered using him.


Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! | Watch Pokémon TV

He brings his best buddy into the battle, and Pikachu defeats Emolga, forcing Elesa to bring out her dxzzling weapon A Clubsplosion of Excitement! Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! Tynamo is flown into the wall, knocking her out. Pikachu 25 Type Electric Abilities Static. Both attacks hit, but neither are affected since both are female, which Ash forgot. English themes Opening Rival Destinies.


Pikachu starts off with an Electro Ballbut Emolga counters with her own Electro Ball, causing both Electro Balls to cancel each other out. Ash, Iris, and Trip: However, Ash notes that he should still be careful. Part 1 Apr wqtch, Your request could not be completed.

Best Wishes series BW After taking a surprise time out, Tne comes back with Snivy…but with its supereffective Flying-type moves, Emolga quickly takes Snivy down. JavaScript and Adobe Flash 9 or above are required to view this video.

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Verification code check your email for the verification code. Ash is stunned by her speed and power.


S15 Episode 7 Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita! Elesa decides to get serious and calls out her “Electric Queen.

Pokemon Rival Destinies S15e02 Battle-Dazzling The Nimbasa Gym

Personal tools Create account Log in. Ash desperately tries to think of who would be most suited to battle Emolga.

Crisis at Chargestone Cave! Goodbye, Junior Cup – Hello Adventure! Elesa decides to wrap things up with one more Tackle.

Emolga uses Aerial Ace and knocks Palpitoad out. This video has been licensed to ShareTV for distribution purposes. Blendende onlien i Nimbasa Gym! Unova’s Survival Crisis Oct 04,