The remaining three 3 unrelated news items are excluded from this study. For one thing, it cannot be expected for media texts to be utterly impartial and for the writer of a media text to be completely objective. Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars. A variety of rhetoric on the series emerged. To set the scene and represent violence, fear and pain Saral employs various cinematographic techniques. The main reason why this subject matter was selected as a thesis topic is because violence against women is disregarded in terms of normalization in Turkey. In the following sections, how rape is trivialized by sensationalizing, fictionalizing and commodification in an attempt to market the series will be discusses.

The Ministry of Family and So- cial Policies, This particular law only regards domestic violence. Furthermore, some of these images of violence have be- come so common that they go by without being recognized as violence by the audi- ence anymore. Finally, unnamed Radio and Television Supreme Council per- sonal makes a distinction between religious people and those who do not live up to religion. Rape was normalized in the context of sensationalism and therefore trivialized. Television series version also fails to overcome rape myths. As Fiske and Hartley

Feminist rape reform offered an opposite perspective to this dominant rape dis- course.

She cries, moans and gags while Vural rapes her. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. But, as a result of this, her legs are bared, her white underpants are visible.

There are two different images of violence represented in fxtmagul texts: Remember me on this computer.

Not to mention misleading for women who also blame a rape epusode for being responsible for what happened. In the first part, feminist discourse verses patriarchal dis- course regarding silencing rape by distorting feminist discourses and rhetoric on encouraging rape and in the second part normalization of rape discourse through trivializing rape by sensationalizing, fictionalizing and commoditizing will be ob- served.

In addition, she is at an isolated part of the town by herself and what happens to her can be justified based on her careless behavior, as well. Patriarchal rhetoric and images embedded in media texts reproduce and affirm this ideology. She does not protest against the situation or try to get out of it. Marital rape is normalized; rape is barely criticized. In response, feminist rape discourse attempted to criticize existing rape myths and invited society to discuss the rape reality instead of covering it up.


Without any notable difficulty, boys knock her down and one by one they rape her while singing rigmarole. Indeed it is very important to take into consideration who is talking about rape, what is their point of view, how they cover this subject as well as who is silent or silenced. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Fiske, John and John Hartley.

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Any text can be aes- theticized by eliminating concepts that do not concern aesthetic values. In such contexts, a female character was represented as the prize of the hero.

Police forces believed that women fabricated most of the rape claims or attempted to take advantage of their excruciating experience.

Radio and Television Su- preme Council received four thousand eight hundred and eight complaints regarding the television series. Ten 10 exclusively web content and eight 8 unre- lated news items are excluded from this study.

Perhaps television is a close fatmaghl to cinema. Television, Masculinity, and Sexual Violence. Thus, it can be argued that neither by sexually tempting nor by im- planting violence, audience is encouraged to rape.

The series ended on June 21, Fahmagul not only repro- duced rape myths, but also act of rape remained invisible and a taboo. It is wrong to see it as an originator of social change, or even to claim that it ought to be so. In either ways, these news articles trivial- ize rape by sensationalizing, fictionalizing and commodification. Thus, the five newspapers chosen for this research differ from each other in terms of their political tendencies and content preferences.

Withey and Ronald P. This triggers maternal instincts.

Another normalized rape myth, before the rape reform, was that assailants were mentally disturbed or outcasts. The sex scene in this series became a huge sensation at the time it aired. Therefore, it does not go further than a hypothesis.


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Routledge, — In the light of the fact that every single media text is created with a certain amount of bias due to the fact that every human being is a political being and has its own unique way of representing a certain event, handling every piece with the same awareness may lead to forming an idea on how media texts are created and why and how they are represented.

They are married hastily and move to Istanbul so no one — especially Mustafa- can disturb them. However, when the television se- ries in question is built up on ‘rape’ issue, it becomes a sensitive issue. To sum up, television violence is not a manifestation of real violence but rather a representation of it.

Question of Two Feminist Rhetoric: Accord- ing to the cultivation theory of George Gerbner Trend, He remembers an earlier event.

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In other words, in the patriarch, women are dominated by men in every aspect of life. This time assailants are not fatmaugl drunk but also under the influence of recreational drugs. Fictional and factual violence tangle up due to mistranslations and fictionalization. In mass media, series was addressed widely. Cumhuriyet is a secular newspaper and appeals to cen- tral leftists and Kemalist. Another rape myth incorporated into this scene is that of drunkenness. Furthermore, some of these images of violence have be- come so common that they go by without being recognized as violence by the audi- ence anymore.

The rape scene in the first episode was anticipated for months and after it aired, scene was talked about eoisode very long time.