It’s time to switch strategies!! It’s not some worthless ghost story about the human mannequin moving, is it? You’ve got a persecution complex, Sakuya Thread Reply to this Thread from start Parent. I’d love to see the result if you do, anon! Looking at you, it doesn’t appear as if you are in any state to require the infirmary. We’ve solved the student council room mystery.

Henceforth, I shall exterminate these seven mysteries. I was just thinking that I would like to begin a new experiment. Thank you for the translation!! Sakuya is treating Yuuya as an enemy. Sakuya shall be devoured by the monster book! There are seven ghost stories just in our school alone.

Let’s just try testing it. I took the book from the guy drawing in it and hit him with it. That’s all for today. Cr, you are indeed quite boisterous. It’s an even more wretched library in the winter! Ah, my apologies for causing a disturbance, Iwamine-sensei. I didn’t think that the ghost stories would get this worthless from the very beginning. Nanaki-sensei, are you talking about the seven Pigeonation mysteries?


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Ah, hey Sakuya, could it be that the other end of this drop is You’ve got a persecution complex, Sakuya What are you doing? What’s going to happen?

You’re not scared, Sakuya? Did I just hear wrong?

There’s nothing like that! What could be occurring here!? I don’t have the time to give to a mongrel like you! Nageki, Sakuya’s not trying to be mean.

I absolutely won’t accept something as unscientific as an interdimensional tunnel! But make sure to go home on time. I don’t like it when it’s noisy.

Okosan can sense the presence of something invisible to the eye. There is most certainly someone there. It’s a ghost story for the doctor to appear in the infirmary?! Don’t just run off on your own! Naturally, that mongrel is top of the class in frequent falling Can’t you be even a little gentle with me? There has to be some kind of trick! I think that after listening and relistening and obsessively looking up words in dictionaries and on Google, I have come to a translation that I have found satisfactory in accuracy, but please feel free to point out any inaccuracies you may notice.


Ah, do you know something about it after all?

Sakuya is treating Yuuya as an enemy. Sakuya does not understand. He shall not act savagely. Everything in this room looks expensive, so try not to break it. Thank you for the translation!!

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Hstoful you forgive him? The book came to bite me! Subordinate number one, number two! You don’t know about the student council room ghost story even though you’re the president?

In the end, isn’t it just an idiotic misunderstanding!