Will Raimon be able to help them, or is it too late? They were all waiting for Chaos to arrive. They don’t trust him yet His plan is through a soccer match, Raimon vs Osaka Gals Rika’s team. The Strongest Assist, Aphrodi! Who is he and where did this stranger come from? That night, they got dinner but the food wasn’t much to eat.

He uses Eternal Blizzard to score but it is blocked by Drill Smasher, to which he gets angry. Although we didn’t win back there Against Aliea Academy’s master rank team, they’re fighting without taking any steps back! Chaos momentum won’t stop and Burn used his hissatsu once more and Endou did Megaton Head and he fell back without Chaos score. Meanwhile they’re being watched – just who is this Hiroto boy? The strongest team on Earth. Megane says he can’t because his leg injury has not healed yet. When Someoka attacks again, Fudou makes a violent play and injures Someoka.

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The winners will be Diamond Dust! The coach says that Kogure must follow the way that he choose. Kidou stated that they will gain nothing by fighting them. Nepper got past Endou and the ball went to Burn and he did Atomic Flare. They soon realize that even if Oumihara seems quite weird, they’re actually quite good. For someone from Zeus to join us They hear something great that they want to go to Fukuoka, and it is the news that his grandfather has another notebook there.

Kageyama tells Fudou that he is useless and second-rate.

Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? Kazemaru, Kidou and Domon did snowball hissatsu’s when they threw theirs they called them Shippuu Snowball and Twin Snowball. Aphrodi did Heaven’s Time and it failed again. Hijikata, who was accompanying Gouenji all along in his hiding, called him to go back to his teammates.


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While searching, Fubuki and Domon run into a player claiming he’s the flame striker. Then, Fubuki decides to come back to the field to find his answer. What’s the big idea? To think you’d leave the seat of the gods to ally yourself with Raimon Back in the match, Desarm once again used Gungnir.

I don’t need something like that.

Though, after Seijirou realizing his wrongdoings, Ulvida lost her temper towards “their father” and shot dixmond ball at him. A ball was accidentally thrown to him by two kids and asked him if he can give the ball back.

Endou gives his hand to Kazemaru but Kazemaru pushes it away stating that they want a match against Raimon. Let’s make it in next time!

We have to take the risk sometimes. Gouenji traps the ball and reveals himself to everyone.

You can’t use your hands! But as soon as they go back, Diamond Dust wants Raimon to face them in a game, or Tokyo will be randomly smashed with black soccer balls. They shot nonstop at Tachimukai and Chaos scored Next Episode Me, stop being the goalkeeper?

While traveling, Endou discussed about the hissatsu, The Earth which was in his grandfather’s notebook. He is smiling and looked to the squirrel on a tree branch. Getting dut them is an easy task. Just when everyone thought the earth had been saved, Aliea Gakuen attacks once more, this time with Epsilon. I will never rely on something foolish like the aqua of the gods again.


Later the match started. Natsumi and Aki arrived Endou and Natsumi asks who is that guy. The animated series was produced by OLM under the direction of Katsuhito Akiyama and episoxe of episodes. Following this, Aphrodi became a inwzuma, and Tachimukai became Raimon’s new goalkeeper. During the night, Fubuki trains alone. The Prime Minister has been kidnapped by aliens, and Endou and the others are determined to help him. When watching Inazuma Eleven, make sure the room is well-lit and don’t sit too close to the screen.

You are removed from your position as goalkeeper. He blocked Someoka’s Dragon Crash without using any hissatsu technique. Retrieved July 30, Everytime The Chaos attacks, Raimon’s defense won’t let them score to the goal. October 6, [5].

Fubuki is about to punch Fudou when Someoka stops him, saying he’ll be removed from the game.

Inazuma Eleven Episode 53 Raimon VS. Diamond Dust (Hindi Dub)

Tachimukai isn’t able to stop the ball using Mugen The Hand. Afterwards, everyone goes to their position, but surprisingly, Kazemaru was a forward and he was too fast for Raimon and got the ball from Endou, teasing Endou that he was better as a goalkeeper.

Aphrodi tries to get past their wall but cannot and instead gets injured and has to leave the team. The first half ends with Epsilon Kai dominating. Without the aqua of the gods Episose, when the match started, Raimon was surprised that Fubuki was not a striker but a tough defender.