Ayan asks about the reporters that are due to come in the evening. Anwar devises an arrangement for Zoya as he is about to leave for New York with Zeenat. She says that she never knew that there could be a level of trust like his, as she knows that he would never ler her be hurt. Farhan is angry that she has dismissed all the servants. She says that she would leave the house rightaway. Ayaan calls Asad to tell him to take action to stop her from learning that Asad had made those purchases. Razia prompts Shireen to make a cold call to Dilshad and warns her against finding ways to meet with Rashid.

Haseena demands that Rashid gift a luxury car to Imraan. Anwar and Zeenat are happy that Zoya will be staying with Anwar’s sister Dilshad and ponder how risky it is to let Zoya stay here to find the truth about her past. They decide on the menu with consultation of their wives, and leave to place the order. The screen freezes on her face. Ayaan is saved as the return gifts arrive just when he is questioned about them by Rashid and Gaffur. Rashid quickly realises that Shireen and Razia have copied Dilshad’s number from his phone to cross-check.

After Najma cuts her hair to get rid of the chewing gum stuck to it, Zoya decides to fix her hair by placing a wig. After helping Zoya get bail, Asad passes harsh comments about Zoya and strictly warns her to respect his household norms and his family. Haseena tells fumbling that she does it to protect stuff from the strangers. Razia excitedly goes to Shireen after seeing Ayaan and Humeira getting along well.

Qubool Hai

Nuzzhat and Nikhat are rescued by Asad in a mall after some boys tease them. Zoya offers to help Rashid in return by helping him get back with his departed love.

Both imran and farhan say that the wives arent capable of managing this big house alone.

Ayaan calls Asad to tell him to take action to stop her from learning that Asad had made those purchases. Like 0 Dislike 0. Chandbi all the more 25thh her, that the boys are turning away from their own mother, and didnt even ask what they want. Zoya says that she would respect her friends and the friendship. Ayan asks if she really wants to go, zoya asks him not to stop her now. Asad intervenes when Haseena questions Dilshad about her husband.


She thinks that finally he came to marry him, as she knew this plan of hers would be a success. He gets a call from tanveer, and asks whats this all about.

Zoya says that her priority is humaira right now. Asad subsequently returns home to convince his sister Najma that they should not interfere with their mother’s decision to allow Rashid to visit them. Sign in Recover your password. Rashid quickly realises that Shireen and Razia have copied Dilshad’s number from his phone to cross-check. Haseena queries Shireen and Razia about who is Asad Khan by saying that a man of that name has been called for the wedding as a guest.

Ayan tries to justify, but humaira is in her fit of anger, and says that razia was right in assuming that zoya creates trouble wherever she goes. A password will be e-mailed to you. She seeks to gauge their reaction to the name. Asad leaves the hospital with his mother Dilshad.

Ayaan is happy to hear this and offers to help. She follows him, but ends up backstage where a diffident Humeira hesitates to go on stage. Zoya tries to make peace with Epiwode, promising that whatever be octover fate, she will accept it.

Haseena rushes into Dilshad’s house asking for an unknown person and if Dilshad’s spouse would know better. Rashid, on Zoya’s advice, anonymously requests that an old song be played on the radio for Dilshad.

It upsets her immensely to see the price tag still intact on their present.

qubool hai episode 261 october 24 2013

But Dilshad epksode to meet. Asad asks why did she send this to him. When Imraan’s family arrives, the gifts are presented to the whole family.

Zoya handles the situation charmingly, but disagrees with Zeenat.

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He asks her to get rid of anger, and think wisely. Razia says that she wont let zoya be in the house. Gaffur lectures Rashid to get his affairs sorted out, set right Ayaan’s behaviour and get him to work. Zoya asks Asad to mean it when he says sorry. Dilshad and Rashid reflect on their situation as they run into each other at the shrine on their 31st anniversary.


Haseena goes to the shop herself to get the tux changed.

Zoya throws a stone at one of them, which breaks the glass of the college principal’s office. Asad chases Ayaan, who is on his fast bike, and convinces him that this won’t affect their relationship. An upset Zoya goes to a shrine to collect her thoughts, where Rashid is waiting for Dilshad, who doesn’t arrive.

Ayan says that she would go to asad back. Asad offers Zoya help for her travelling arrangements, but Zoya refuses. Zoya and Asad get married but their life turns into one big roller coaster ride. As Ayaan is being beaten up by the goons, Asad arrives.

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Meanwhile, Zeenat persuades Zoya to return to New York with her. The approval of Nikhat’s engagement with Imraan makes everyone happy.

That’s when Badi Bi comes to Rashid’s rescue to cover up his lies. Rashid’s family discusses if Haseena’s demand for a luxury car is reasonable. Rashid, on the other hand, is forced to stay back home as Nikhat’s prospective groom and family arrive at the doorstep just as he is about to leave home to visit Asad. Asad makes Dilshad promise that she will move on from her past life. She says that he isnt left with any other option other than to say yes. She indicates that they should be married away soon.